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I live in a small house just outside of the city. It’s small, but for me it works. There’s just me and my roommate, Rebecca. She needed a place to stay during college, so she moved in with me. My last roommate had just moved out pretty recently, so I didn’t mind. She’s very nice and admittedly rather pretty. Sometimes I even think we could be more than just roommates. But that’s beside the point.

The house only has one bedroom, so when she moved in, I let her have it. I sleep in the basement. We share everything else though. Bathroom, kitchen, closets. It’s quaint and maybe a bit dull, but it works for both of us. I never was someone who cared much about having a lot of space, so I’m fine with her taking up most of it and sharing what we can.

Two weeks ago, Rebecca went on a trip to visit family in Wisconsin. The house has gotten a bit out of shape these last couple months since she moved in. It’s not her fault of course, but I decided I wanted to surprise her. So while she’s been out of town, I went to work.

The windows were getting a bit raggedy, so I boarded them up. I would’ve liked to do more, but there’s only have enough money and time to do so much you know. I also fixed the locks on the doors, because they’ve been very loose lately. I got rid of some unnecessary things, a bit of silverware here, an old house phone there. Just a little “spring cleaning”, you know?

She’s supposed to come home later today. I’m getting giddy with excitement. Right now, I’m sitting in the closet, waiting to surprise her. I hope she likes what I’ve done with the place. I mean, it’s always best to make a good first impression with your roommate, isn’t it?