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It was a pretty lamp and it was quite cheap. It would be nice to go in my room, as it was bright, but not blinding.  I went up to the store clerk to buy it and they looked me dead in the eye. I saw a wave of fear.

“T-this lamp sir?” said the clerk.

“Yes, is there a problem?”  I asked.

“There is.” the clerk paused, “IT'S UGLY!”

He started laughing to himself as he rang it up and gave it to me.

“Thanks for taking that ugly ass lamp, now the place feels just a tad bit prettier.” the clerk said smugly.

“Yeah, whatever.” I said.

I took the lamp home and set it up next to my bed. My room was always clean and I knew if something was out of place. I'm kind of a freak when it comes to organization.

Anyways, on the first night with the lamp I would hear voices in my room, even though I was home alone. I live alone on my parents' old farm. After they died, I felt as if it was my duty to live there and keep it nice and tidy just how they liked it. That being said, it kind of became my life, and because of that, it's quite lonely and I haven’t had company in forever, so hearing talking really spooked me. I checked everywhere and there were no signs of any people near the house or in my room. That night I slept, and had one of those nightmares that just felt so real.

In the nightmare, I was in my room, only it was a mess, everything was scrambled all over and the windows were shattered. I saw a cop walk into my room, look around, and let out a sigh. He walked out and locked the door moments after. Out of nowhere, I was outside the house as it was burning, and in the middle of it all I could swear something was sitting there. I woke up before figuring out what it was.

It was something that made my skin crawl. I woke up, only to realize I had to go to work.

After a long day at the pizza shop, going around and delivering food to people, I just wanted to go home and fall asleep. When I got home though, I saw that my entire house was a mess. Clothes were scrambled everywhere and family pictures I loved seemed to be burnt, but something about the burn marks seemed odd. Like it wasn’t a burn from a match or lighter, but from a lightbulb.

“Strange...” I thought to myself.

I cleaned up and put the pictures back in their place (I kept a copy of the original photos in a box in a safe place so they wouldn’t get damaged). I figured the next day I would go and print out some more copies to put back up. Then, when I went in my room, I noticed the light bulb on my new lamp seemed to have been burnt and was hot to touch, although from a guess, it probably had cooled down a bit.

“Damnit, I just got this and it goes out. Guess it is a piece of junk.” I mumbled.

I probably should have been much more worried that my house was a mess but in all honesty, nothing at all was missing and all of the family's money was still in its place so really nothing happened. I see it as something for me to do that I actually enjoy. Cleaning this house makes me feel alive again. I guess I need help.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. I guess the reality of people being inside the house sunk in.  People were in here, a place I call home, people were in here walking around and touching my stuff. I grew up here and my parents died here and these people just broke in. A wave of anger hit me and I sat up and threw the lamp across the room.

“UGHHH, I'm going to have to clean that up won’t I? Big deal, I'll probably just get some enjoyment out of it. What the hell happened to me?” I yelled.

It took a second but then I realized, I never heard the crash of the lamp hitting the floor. I looked to where I threw it and there it was, sitting upright in an idle position.

“What the hell?”

The lamp seems to be connected to weird activity. I hear footsteps along with voices but no one is there. I invite friends over and they say nothing happens, even though it's louder than ever when others are over. I've tried therapy but that made it worse. I got home and the voices mocked me, said that it was my fault my parents died and that it was my fault I had no one. The worst part is I believed them.

This all led to me forgetting about the organization rule that kept the house clean. I lost my job within a week of not showing up and my friends, or at least the ones I had left, abandoned me. How could I blame them? I’ve become so obsessed with holding up a memory and keeping it the way things were instead of moving on. But it was too late, the voices said so. I knew there was a time where I could have avoided this. That was a lifetime ago.

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I saw it, I saw what the lamp really is. It first looked like a person creeping around in the dark at night, but I saw the glow of the eyes and the shade from that fucking ugly lamp I bought. It saw me and stared at me. It had glowing eyes with no mouth, and what seemed like barbed wire hanging from it. It was probably 8 feet tall, as it almost touched my ceiling, but was as thin as a skeleton.

I should’ve been scared, but I felt at ease. It stood, motionless, looking at me, and I walked towards it. The closer I got, the nicer the voices became, I swear I heard my parents calling out to me, telling me to go towards it. I submitted to this thing and I walked into its embrace. And then it all hit me. I screamed as its razor sharp claws shredded me. I think someone was outside cause I heard screams from out there but I didn’t last much longer. I felt the darkness consume me until I was gone.

“What the hell?” the deputy said as he gagged at the sight of the local pizza man in pieces.

“Legend goes there was an animal here of some sort that tore him to pieces, getting away before anyone could see it. The whole room is in shambles except this lamp, seems untouched." said the detective of the town.

“Ugly thing ain’t it,” said the deputy as he walked away.

The sheriff looked around. Something didn’t sit right with the scene, it didn’t seem like an animal, but hell, how could he know. He stood up, looked around once more, and let out a sigh of dismay. He walked out of the room, as the last person to ever enter it. The house burnt down that night, the only thing that survived was a lamp. An ugly one at that. It’s said it survived because it was blown out of the house after the microwave exploded, but people in the town knew something was wrong with that lamp. Its aura, its feeling, it was alive.