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"Take my white rose

White rose, red

Rose red

Love everlasting

Even when dead"

I arose such as any other morning. Hair tousled up. Beset beside my gentle spouse. I fluently followed through the morning routine I was used to, when my ear caught wind of the door bell. I stumbled over to the door, spilling coffee on the trip over. Cracking the door, I beheld a single red rose. "Is this a joke?" I whispered in my mind. I grasped the rose, ready to crush it. As I crumpled nature's gift, I noticed something. The color had bled off the rose onto my hand.

"Kiss my white rose

White rose, red

In which love flows

In what is said"

I waved goodbye as I set off on my journey for work. The commute wasn't a simple one. I had to ride a tram to the edge of town, then tread half a mile on foot. As I strolled into my office, I discovered a red rose. Not just any red rose, the one I had crumpled. As I gazed at the white and red splotchy rose, I felt an odd sensation of terror in my stomach. I concluded to force it down the paper shreder. Seeing how this appeared to work, I was approached with a paperwork gift from my boss.

"Cry on my white rose

White rose, red

always there to be with you

always there to be with you sad"

On my trip home, odd things started happening. Everyone possessed a depressed look upon their once joyful faces. I watched people trudge to stores in a zombie-like way. I felt scared, as I stared at a sad, old woman, passed out on the sidewalk. I hurridly made my way home, storm clouds now engulfing the sky. As I approached my front door, I nearly cried. I now saw bits of white and red, of what used to be a rose.

"Love my white rose

White rose, red

So I may forever be with you

So I may forever dream with you

So I may forever love with you

All in the symbol"

I lit a fire outside, filling through on my decision to fry the remains. As I tossed the pieces of rose into the dancing inferno, a large wave of depression hit my heart. All of the color from my world appeared to fade into black and white. I entered my humble home and to my surprise found the remains of all my loved ones in a large pile. They all had one thing in common, they had no eyes. I then sat weeping over the defiled corpses of my now deceased family and friends. My life is over... I have nothing left to live for... This is the end...

"White rose....White rose stained red....."