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Should you find yourself driving during the small hours of the morning, long before the sun shows its face, you should be advised to, at all costs, avoid Route 963.

It has no home, so unfortunately you can't avoid it simply by living in the right place. It just kind of "pops up". It welcomes weary travelers who wouldn't call it a night and buy a room.

If you see it, do not take it. Even if curiosity strikes up the thought, it's not worth it. If, for some reason, you make the wrong turn, well, you're screwed. Hope and pray you have enough gas to last you a while. If you drive an electric, the same holds true for the vehicle's charge.

You're going to need it.

You'll quickly notice that Route 963 has no exits…nor pull-offs, nor rest stops, nor gas stations, nor…anything. That is because Route 963 is…different.

Unlike your typical highways, Route 963 is not a means to an end, but rather an end itself. It has nowhere to take you, except to take you.

If it was playing previously, your radio will likely pick up a new frequency: a station that plays loud music in an unfamiliar language. Feel free to turn it off…though it won't do you any good.

It should be noted, at this point, that you'll likely begin to panic. Do not stop your vehicle. Do not turn the vehicle around. Do not look in the rear-view mirror. Should you do any of these, the results may vary:

If you stop and attempt to go back the way you came, you'll be met with a harsh realization: there is no way back. Attempt to drive into the blackness that follows you, and let the spider wrap you in its web. That's exactly what Route 963 wanted in the first place.

If the temptation becomes too difficult to bear, remove the rear-view mirror entirely. If, however, you do look into the rear-view, you'll be met with one of two sights:

You may see nothing but blackness. Keep driving. Eventually, it will find you.

Or…you may see a dim set of headlights following you. In the event that you do, keep driving. Just hope and pray you don't run out of gas.

At least, for a little while.

Written by MakRalston
Content is available under CC BY-SA