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It was the middle of the night when I went to check on the children. They should have been sound asleep but they were nowhere to be seen. I called out into the darkness of my home in hoping that they would respond and put an end to the intense anxiety which filled my mind and body. There was nothing but silence. I couldn’t call anyone. There was nothing to do but search and hope. I found the front door had been left ajar. My home is surrounded by woods for miles in every direction so even then I had not exactly narrowed down Cassi and Ben’s location. As I got dressed and put on my boots to go out in search of them I was furious at their misbehavior.

It took me the rest of the night to track them down. When I did find them they were still in their tattered pajamas and sleeping beneath an old weeping willow. They had tired their little bodies out. I threw the boy and the girl over my broad shoulders and was met with only a little resistance. I suppose they knew how very angry I was. My children were wise in that respect. When I got them back home I made sure to double check the lock on their cage. There would be no more escaping. Those two were my favorites of all my little playthings.

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Credited to Gomez Capulet