We find comfort in our beds. Our homes. Our sheets and covers. We seem to think that these fragile things will be safe from all the terrible things that lurk in the night. This may or may not be true...of many, many things.

It is not, however, true of a creature that I have dubbed "The Fog." This is a creature with a mostly gaseous body, that it may solidify at any moment, in most any shape. The only part of it that is forever solid...is its bird-like skull, with something like antlers protruding from upon its brow.

This creature will give you no warning, and no chance. The Fog does not understand mercy, or forgiveness, or accident. It understands only death, and the games it plays to lead its victims to death. It is likened to the monster Morgo, from the game Little Misfortune.

This Fog does not play only 1 game. It knows many, and is always creating more. In the past, it has been known to act like a conscience and make its victim commit suicide. It has illusioned a bridge or staircase across a cliff where there wasn't one. It has played a sick version of hide and seek. Its favorite game, however, is TAG. It will let you run from it 5 times each night, 7 nights in a row. Once it has caught you for the last time, it is your turn. It will walk through traps, off hidden cliffs, in the highest trees, on the tallest buildings; anywhere that may lead to your demise. If you catch it 5 times each night, for 3 nights, and are still alive, The Fog will move on.

It plays with anyone between the age of 7, and 37, that can run. It is most often found in towns, forests, and cities. It loves to feed off of insecurity, anxiety, and fear. The Fog will always follow its chosen playmate for the 10 days that it will play.

It will find you, and it will ask if you are ready to play. If you say no, it makes a toy out of your innards. If you give it a time parameter (i.e. 5 minutes, 1 hour) it will wait, staring at you, for half of that before asking again. If you delay it again, it will act like you said no (previously explained). This creature will tear away your sheets and covers, push you out of bed; anything to get you up to play.

The only way to keep it away is to sleep with someone else in your bed with you, though once you have seen the red glow from the empty sockets of its skull, it is too late for you, and you must either play or die.

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