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My name is Toby and I am one of the last to resist the blood. The city used to be so alive with people  and cars. Now all I hear outside my window is the sounds of dogs howling in confused terror  at what has happened to their owners and the low strange hissing of the great red cube. I wonder if that’s  its breathing or its voice or something else entirely. The mystery of the cube’s nature in and of itself makes me want  to release myself to it but I must not give in. I must fight.

It’s been three days now since the cube was first spotted. The news reports said it had been found in some Eastern European village. No one who was still living at that time knew how it had come to be. The village had been wiped out all at once. Many of them were found in their homes with the doors wide open.  Their bodies were completely unharmed aside from being empty of blood. And all that blood was floating in the sky above about a mile  up.  It was in the form of perfect square cube still fluid but holding its shape consistently. I remember seeing footage of the cube when it was still no bigger than a football field and thinking that it must be seem kind of dumb stunt.

Village after village and town after town were consumed along with the great cities of the world. Wherever the blood went it would leave unharmed but emptied bodies in rooms with open doors or simply laying out in the streets. Pretty soon there was no Europe. Despite Brexit the UK went pretty quickly after that and then it just kept spreading all the while growing larger from the millions upon millions of gallons of blood it absorbed.  The  leaders of the governments that still existed beyond the end of the first day of the cube’s expansion met to try and resolve the problem. Many solutions were proposed and maybe they’ll think of something. When I try and watch the news or anything on TV the screen just flashes red like a message from the cube telling me to surrender. My phone screen is all red too.

I’ve tried sleeping but when I sleep I dream I’m blood flowing in blood and what’s terrifying about this is that it feels amazing. I don’t need to worry or to be concerned with anything in particular. I can simply go with the flow in the truest of senses. I’m so happy in those dreams and then I wake up and as the true dark reality of the situation washes over me again I feel like a man who has been sleepwalking on the edge of a cliff. I don’t want to fall.

I looked out the window a little ago. It seems to be around twilight. The street lights have turned on and I can see in the sky above a swirling red ocean of blood. I wonder if that means it’s ceased to be a cube or simply become so large that I’m only able to see a small part of one side. As I looked out at the blood I felt a slight tug in my veins not unlike magnetism. It was then I closed the blinds so as to try and block out the nightmare.

I’ve been sitting here in the dark four hours. The TV screen is still entirely red. I want to turn it off but I tell myself that if I do I’ll miss the announcement that it’s all over and life can go back to normal again. Suddenly I hear a knock or at least some kind of large thudding noise at the door. I  walk over and open  hoping that there’s someone there who can help me somehow. What I see on the other side of the door is blood and only blood. It gives a slight  metallic scent to the air. I can now understand its hissing but not with my brain or with my ears. In my blood I know it is saying in the oldest language “Invite me in, child and in turn  I shall invite you.” Of course that’s why the houses in that village all had their doors wide open. They had made the right decision. They had let themselves be free rather than hide away in fear of the unknown. “Come in!” I shout with ecstatic  joy. I am ready to join with the living blood of humanity. It rushes in around me. I release myself into it. I am not Toby anymore. I am blood.