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I’ve chained myself to a mighty oak. Loggers with bulldozers are coming to knock it down.

“Come and get it, you filthy curs!” I curse at them. “You’ll never knock down this tree! Not unless you're willing to kill me for it!”

The foreman shouts at me through a megaphone. “So be it, you crazy old earth priestess! BOYS! Knock ‘em down!”

The bulldozers speed forward. I squeeze my eyes shut as they knock me and the tree down. Strangely enough, it doesn’t hurt at all when they run me over.

It’s almost as if I was never alive to begin with.

The next day, I wake up.

That’s my first surprise. The second surprise is that I’ve changed.

My arms have become branches and my feet have become roots. My body is covered with thick bark and big green leaves. It’s as if I've become a tree myself.

But not entirely. My form is still more or less human. I believe there’s a word for what I’ve become- an Ent. I read it in an old book once. The book was made of paper. So a tree died to make a story about a tree. Ironic.

I'm thirsty. I dip my roots in a nearby pond. They soak up water and nutrients like magic. I suppose I will no longer need to eat or drink orally. I am no longer human. But who would want to be a smelly, polluting human? Speaking of which, what will I do with the men that killed me?

The loggers are sleeping in cabins nearby. Cabins made from logs, which were themselves made from trees. It seems fitting that my killers would sleep in houses made from the plants they destroyed. These men are monsters, through and through. It’s either them or the trees of this forest.

I choose this forest.

I stalk towards the cabins. If I’m going to save this land, I may as well destroy its enemies in their sleep. It’s my best shot at victory. I’ve seen these loggers- they have enough guns to wipe out a small army. I've never liked guns. It might be cowardly to kill a man while he sleeps, but so is killing a plant that can’t even run away. So is shooting an animal that can't protect itself.

Hang on, loggers. I’m coming. I pray that the Earth herself will guide me in my mission. She has already resurrected me and given me an amazing power. But none of that will matter if I am felled tonight.

The sun is rising. My leaves are absorbing its rays greedily. But I am not focused on my leaves right now.

My branches are drenched with the blood of the loggers. I killed them all tonight. Rammed my sharp fingers through them with ease. I suppose they had families. But I don’t care. These trees are older and more valuable than the loggers ever were. What I did tonight was a necessary evil.

I stare at their now empty cabins and consider my next course of action. These loggers were symptoms of a much greater disease. Somewhere far away from this forest, in tall, climate-controlled office buildings, are disgusting pigs who only care about money. They sent the loggers to destroy this forest so that they could rake in the cash.

But I won’t have it. I will travel across this land and destroy them all with my new powers. I will tear their limbs from their bodies and strew their entrails across the floor. Their families will scream with despair when they see what has happened to their loved ones. They will all know the pain I felt when they tried to destroy my forest.

Becoming an Ent was the best thing to ever happen to me. I now see that humanity itself is a sickness. It cannot coexist peacefully with this planet. I must cull it all in order to save mother Earth.

But I cannot do it alone. So I will breed a race of my kind. I will sow my seeds where I can, and they shall grow into more Ents like me. We shall band together and wage war against humanity itself.

Those that oppose us will be destroyed. Those that do not will be enslaved. They shall be forced to grow new trees to replace the ones that have been destroyed. Together, Ents and the humans they dominate will make Earth clean and beautiful again. Plants and animals shall once again thrive in the lands humanity stole from them.

The Earth has blessed me. Now I shall bless her. Hang on, enemies of the trees. I am coming to destroy you.