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Spiral Clock

Time... What is time? Time is the thing that makes people, animals and plants grow old.

Have you stared at the hour hand of the clock? Boring right? Maybe you have wondered, How does the clock know accurately what time is it? How did the people who created the very first clock set the time, even if there is no clock or a tool to measure it accurately?

Actually, time is just pure fiction. Just stuck in our teeny-weeny minds. If you are able to take out all the matter in the solar system or in the whole multiverse, time will cease to exist, why? Because time is just a reflection of ourselves, it is just man-made.

Did God create time? No, why? God created night and day, you will say, but did Adam and Eve aged? Did the animals, or the plants die, because of old age? No, they did not. Adam and Eve only began aging when they were outside the garden, why? Because they thought. When they ate the fruit of knowledge, they didn't just get to know that they were naked or many other things, they learned about time. God did not introduce time, knowledge did, that's why it's pure fictional.

Here is some piece of advice: Stare at a clock and think about this, and your eyes will be opened...