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My husband and I moved into our new home not too long ago. The house was our dream home, really. Except... well, off into the corner of the house, there's a room with a set of stairs leading to... somewhere. When we go into the basement, I can stand right where the stairs are supposed to lead, and they're no where to be seen. It doesn't make sense.

The other day, while my husband was at work, I decided to be brave and see where these damned stairs lead. I grabbed a flashlight and headed down. As I got further and further down the stairs, the light of my flashlight only got dimmer. It was like something was repulsing the light. The stairs only kept going. When my the light went out completely, I stopped. I couldn't see anything. But I could hear something in the dark from behind me. It sounded like scratching on the wall, rapid and getting closer. I couldn't go back up the stairs, or I'd run into whatever that thing was... but I couldn't continue going down. So I stood there like an idiot hoping that it just wouldn't see me.

Well I was wrong. It stopped right beside me, I could hear it breathing. It was so dark I couldn't see a thing. Whatever it was wrapped its hand around my arm. It burned like nothing I've ever felt. But that's all it did.

I ran as quickly as I could up those damned stairs and I locked that door.

That was two days ago. As I write this, I've noticed I've changed. My skin is turning leathery, my teeth have become sharper. Most food has become repelling, but my stomach hasn't stopped growling. I crave something different, my husband.