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Glass is a simple barrier. It may be weak, it may be transparent, but what seals your windows? What keeps your drink suitable? Glass.

Windows, as you know, have two sides. You can look out of a building, and you can look into one. But what happens when you break a window? When you shatter a glass? You gain entry to the house, and your drink spills on the floor. Red wine runs fine.

When that barrier is broken in real life, it is only then that you realize - the window stands for something. It is a metaphor, but for what? You can theorize and think all night, but human comprehension has limits. Sentient, does not equate all knowing.

That barrier falters, and things leave. Things gain entry. This, of course, is consciousness itself we are talking about. When does consciousness act the least restricted, except in death? Why, the subconscious of course. You'll always be cursed to whatever gains entry.

But for all of consciousness, when is it allowed to run rampant? Sleep. That is when this barrier is shattered. The glass is broken. You'll hallucinate, you'll dream, and you'll act. Most importantly, they'll gain entry to your mind for a short while. The other side of the glass. Something that has looked in for a very long time.

With you experiencing three to seven dreams each night, you can only think and worry about what gained entry in those that you don't remember.

But, now we enter the best territory. One that glass cannot defend against. Where it shatters into a fine powder, and red wine will run fine. The lucid dream. You can think, feel, and move yourself. You've stepped through the glass, into their end.

What of sleep paralysis? Where you hallucinate vividly, are conscious and even awake, but unable to move?

Well, that is where the wine is spilt. That is them stepping through the glass, into our side.

That is the shattered glass. You've welcomed them here.

Written by ShawnCognitionCP
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