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Samantha Hargrow was just a normal person. As she grew, she became an aggressive type. She was 13 when signs started, apparently losing her anger really quick and becoming aggressive to many people. She would start fights and never lose one. Until she was 16. She was a junior in high school and she fought someone who would bully her all the time. She lost the fight and couldn’t handle it. When it was midnight she snuck into the girls home and killed her and her father. She had instant regrets for what she did. She quickly made it look like the girl killed her father and committed suicide.

Samantha snuck through the backyard and returned home. She fell fast asleep. She awoke to a tall and lanky man standing at the end of her bed. She screamed but it was inaudible. “Don’t try to, no one is here, nor will anyone ever hear you.” The thing said. “You took two innocent lives, and that’s not very cool of you” the thing chuckled while saying it. Samantha nodded her head and tried to move but she couldn’t. “You're paralyzed while with me, Sam, so don’t try to struggle.” The beast said. “So, I want you to turn yourself in. Tell whoever is in charge in this… over world what you did.” Samantha nodded her head. “I will stalk you until you do.” the beast said. He suddenly disappeared and Samantha passed out. She woke up, and she saw the beast again. “Do it.” he said, then vanished. She didn’t want to go to prison. She would rather die than stay a lifetime in prison. She ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. “Is this what you want instead?” She yelled. She put the knife to her throat and drew a thick line, slitting her throat. The door opened. It was her mom. She quickly called 911 and told them she found her daughter on the ground with a bloody knife.

She was rushed to the hospital, and she awoke. She heard the doctors mumble while they looked at her. One doctor wrote something down and they all walked out the room, closing the door behind them. Right beside her was the beast. “So you tried to do this the easy way, but you don’t realize when you die, you're stuck with me. I am worse than satan. Now a quick question, do you want to risk it and die, or go to your temporary prison?” She mumbled “no prison.”

He chuckled, and said to her, “You made a mistake missy, your temporary prison isn’t as bad as what you see.” She then realized what she said. A blade came out his wrist, and she started screaming “WAIT” It was too late.