You're sitting in your room, bored out of your mind. You try reading a book and watching some TV but you eventually find yourself looking out the window. As you look out, you notice something by the edge of the forest.

This thing is completely white. You think to yourself, "It can't be the snow." This is because it is dark out, but this thing seems to dismiss the darkness, like it is unaffected by any of its surroundings.

Succumbing to curiosity, you put on a coat and march out of your house. The snow shrouds your vision until you finally reach the place where the white thing was, but when you get there, you find nothing. "I could've sworn there was something white out here," you mumble to yourself, deciding to go back home. But upon completing your second step, you kick something. It's a flashlight.

"Oh! It was a flashlight. It must've run out of batteries while I was walking." But then another thought comes into your head, "What's a flashlight doing out here?"

You figure someone dropped it on the way into the woods. You grab the flashlight and head into the forest, hoping to find the owner. And you do, after a while.

You're horrified at what you see. It's a man, hanging upside down on a tree, his guts ripped out, with blood dripping on the torn up backpack under him. You nearly throw up. And because of your utter disgust, you fail to see that the tree he is hanging on is different from the others. It's extraordinarily thin, with very neatly aligned branches... and it's white... completely, utterly, white...

Upon realizing this, you think, "That's no tree..."

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