I dreamed a dream of wondered nights,
Of laughing kids and fairy-lights.
For all the fun, the sun, the snow,
There was one place I could not go:

Somewhere, under the rainbow.

I danced with pixies, sung with stars,
Ate fine food and chocolate bars,
Lived a life unknown of woe
Outside the place I could not go:

Over there, under the rainbow.

It beamed its colours so vivid, so bright,
Shining, casting wonderful light
Above the land as black as crow,
Above the place I could not go:

The land beneath the rainbow.

And though the land was dark and dank,
A peevish sight, with smells so rank,
And waters that would hardly flow,
I found myself wanting to go

To that somewhere, under the rainbow.

I packed my things and kissed my friends,
Made up, gave up, made amends,
Went on my way, and soon, lo!
I set off to where I wanted to go:

That place beneath the rainbow.

But as I drew closer and closer
To the blackish soil
And the withered trees
And the dying children
Who wasted away to nothing before my eyes
Under the rotting light of the rainbow,
Which before had seemed so goodly, so clean,
I felt a presence.
A warmth.
A tranquillity.
A peace.
Pulling me back.
Back to the land of pleasure and happiness.
Back to fun and games.
Back to ignorance.
But I resisted.
I fought back,
Pushed my feet into the ground and strained forwards
As my friends watched from afar,
Their faces blank and emotionless.
And that presence
Turned to filthy rage.
To wrath and anger.
And with a single motion,
It banished me forever.

Now here I lay in darkened night,
Upon my bed, covers pulled tight
Across my body, and I yearn
Wishing, hoping, that I may return
To that land in my dreams, that land of hope,
That land where I can no longer go.

That somewhere, under the rainbow.


Somewhere Under the Rainbow by Cornconic (Dark Poetry)

Written by Cornconic
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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