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"A Window of Better Days" to A New Moon
A Nice Hot Shower to An Apology
An Apparition to Barbie and Ken, a Modern Love Story
Barnam House to Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'/Chapter 1
Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'/Chapter 10 to Chewing
Chewy to Cup on the Curb
Cup on the curb to Dirt
Dirty Movie to Electric Fan
Electric Funeral to Flight of Stairs
Flight of the Elf-King to Grandma's House
Grandma Died to Her Other Mommy
Her Picture to Holder of the Syzygy
Holder of the Tower to I Love You Till the Day You Die
I Love the Rain to It's Bothering Me
It's Coming to Kinfolk
Kinfroket to Lost in China
Lost in the Mind to Missing
Missing Children to My Nightmare
My Nightmares to Not of This World
Not so Funny When it Happened to Patient 1226
Patient File 10634 to Rainbow Lavender Sun
Rainbows to Saint Tina
Sally's Pebble to Since When Do Mannequins Bleed
Since the Incident to Starcrossed
Stares to Thank You
Thank You, Mommy to The Bread Box
The Bread of My Body to The Dawn Is Your Enemy
The Dawn is Your Enemy to The Fortune Master
The Foundation for a Better World to The Holder of Work
The Holder of Youth to The Littlest Women
The Living Echo to The Night-Doings at "Deadman's"
The Night-Gazer to The Rat King
The Rat in My Ribcage to The Sorcery of Aphlar
The Soul Game to The Vahila Project
The Vainity to This Life
This Ol' Man to Under the Bed...
Under the Blanket to Weeping Angel
Weeping Angel II to Woodwork
Words Written in the Fog to 苦しむ Kurushimu (suffer)
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