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"A Window of Better Days" to A Night Spent Waking Up
A Night in the Hospital to An Evening Alone
An Evening Stroll to Beatrice
Beatus to Bravo Facility
Break In to Children of Mirth
Children of the Seed to Cruel Luck
Cruelty of the Darkness to Dibbuk
Did I Wake You Up to Ed, Edd n Eddy Purgatory
Ed, Edd n Eddy Purgatory Theory to Fire Starter
Fireflies to Good Time Johnny's
Good Walt to Hello Molly?
Hello My Name is Zoe to Holder of the Rails
Holder of the Red to I Love This Car
I Love You.... Forever to It's Golden
It's Gone Now to Knives, Games, and Jackets
Knob.exe to Love Never is Forgotten
Love Note to Mojave Mist Man
Mole Mania: The Old Mole to My One and Only Friend
My One and Only Friend P2 to Not What We Signed Up For
Not Your Everyday Suicide at a Gas Station to Paternal
Patience to Rainbows
Raincoat to Salt Creek Road
Saltlick to Singularity
Sinister to Starvation
Starving to That Feeling When You Forget
That Girl to The Bus Ritual
The Bus Stop Just Opposite of My House to The Decaying Mall
The Decision to The Game
The Game: Horrors of the Battlefield to The Holder of the Voice
The Holder of the Word to The Lunar Mother
The Lurker to The Oak
The Oasis of Bones to The Regina Incident
The Remedy to The Star-Treader
The Stare to The Walk
The Walk Back to Through the Gates of the Silver Key
Through the Rabbit Hole to Unsettling Silence
Unsettling silence to What If?
What If I Told You... to You've Been Deceived
You Already Have Them to 苦しむ Kurushimu (suffer)
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