Susan Elliot was always coming home to her drunk boyfriend. She loved him, though she was sick of how belligerent he would become while intoxicated. She believed in holy protection, and decided that one night she was going to try and use her practices on herself to see if it could relieve her from his anger.

It's 11:00 pm, barely one hour before he arrives home.

She sprinkles handfuls of what she knows as holy salt around her bedside. She was told in a class at the local psychic shop that this salt was used to keep unwanted evil spirits away. She now lays in bed and waits for his arrival home.

11:37 pm, he walks through the door. She can tell he's wasted. She dreads his sweaty palms around her neck, and the breath of vodka and gin. He starts panting after he lays down in bed, says he can't breathe. He says he feels like he's having a heart attack and screams at her to get him some cold water.

Susan rushes upstairs to get a glass of water, but decides she's going to add a few drops of holy water to it. He starts chugging it. He instantly starts throwing up. "They are trying to get out of me, it burns!" he yells.

He starts panting more, and is now rolling around on the bathroom floor screaming in pain.

She calls 911 out of panic; she's afraid she's hurt him, or that he is going to hurt her. The four minutes it took the ambulance to arrive felt like years, she said. The paramedics rush inside to find nobody but Susan.

She panics, looks around frantically and tells them he was just there, in her own bathroom. The police officers ask for her boyfriend's name, occupation, any information on him they can get.

She knows it all, and briefly tells them about him. The police officer runs his name through the database.

He doesn't exist.

To this day, Susan still hears the screams of her non-existent boyfriend in her sleep.

Written by Rope of Life
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