I was looking up, stargazing as it were; when something caught my eye, two stars that shone brighter with a different hue than all the others. Baffled I reached down into the depths of my pocket, scooping out my phone. I glanced up to verify that the phenomenal lights were still there, they were; almost seeming to look back at me. Then I looked down to my phone, entering my pass-code and typing into the search bar "Cosmic Phenomenon" and clicked enter. Nothing of interest popped up, a few conspiracy websites about aliens but nothing recent. Clicking over to the news tab, I saw an article posted just a couple of hours ago, "Planets Align: Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus Visible Tonight."  

"Well that's gotta be it,"  I thought to myself, looking back up and pocketing my phone once more. The lights still shone bright with their strange purplish glow. My eyes scanned around a bit, searching for the third planet in the line, but there was no other light similar to these nearby. Once again turning to technology, I scooped the phone back up and opened my Night Sky app, almost smacking my forehead for not simply opening this to begin with. I pointed the screen up towards where the planets were shining in the sky, and saw the constellation Leo, the big dipper, but I didn't see Saturn, Jupiter, or Uranus. I glanced back up, once again confirming my own sanity; the lights still shone in the sky, now mocking me almost. I started turning and pointing my phone's screen all over the night sky, Pluto, Mars, I couldn't even find the other planets; then I pointed the screen downward, and then I saw three neat dots and their names: Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.

"That's odd," I thought to myself, "must be a problem with the GPS or something," I had said that last bit aloud. My eyes then returned to the lights in the sky, pocketing the phone once more. As my eyes stared up at the strange lights I felt compelled to lie down, so I did, I had a comfortable view of the lights still, without craning my neck at all. Then I squinted, focusing closer on them, I could almost see something there in the middle of one, what was it? My eyes glanced over to the other light, and I noticed a spot in the same area.

"Weird," I said aloud to myself. Then something impossible. The lights slowly started to go out. Not all at once, but like something was closing around them, like a massive door from above and below them. And then they were gone.

"What the hell," I thought, and then, a sliver of purple light and another, then slowly the lights reappeared, just as if the door had opened to reveal them. I was stunned, what was I looking at? My mind raced. I stood up, realizing I was still on the ground, I grabbed my phone from my pocket, raising it to the sky, this time opening my camera, I zoomed in on the lights in the sky, click. I lowered the phone, looking at the image I had just captured, I zoomed in on one of the lights, in the center of the light, was a single black, spot. I zoomed out and looked to the other one, another single black spot just in the center. 

"What the hell are these things," I muttered to myself looking back up to the lights. 

My phone fell to the ground clattering with a crunch of broken glass on the rocks.

Where the lights had been, there were now 4 identical lights, all larger than they had been before, at least four times larger. I once again witnessed the lights slowly disappear into the darkness, and then 6 lights appeared slowly, just a little bit bigger this time, but there was something different. There was still an even line of darkness cutting the top off each light, making each one a little bit dimmer. And that, is when I saw it, the darkness that made up this, things body, it wasn't natural. It was so dark that it showed things in front of it as if they were awash with light, albeit very dim light; the planets in front of it, small and large, both seemed to part in this things wake as it passed; as the planets would slip back into the proper darkness of night. The thing was growing closer, no way to know how fast, or when it would arrive. All I could do, was stare, in awe as the darkness grew closer and larger, beginning to blot out the lights of the other stars now. And then I knew all at once that it was getting close, a feeling like a vibration but coming from within my spine, I touched the place and I could feel my vertebrae buzzing like a cellphone receiving a call and shaking itself on a table. Then as I pushed my hand into the shaking bone, it stopped. Relief overcame me, looking up to the entity, it had stopped. I could see its bright purple eyes, all 6 burning with anger, directed at me, only me, as big as he was, it would be hard to tell to anyone else, he might be looking at them too. But this, feeling, i knew it was unique, inside of me like with my spine before, but softer like some small idle machine. Then it spoke, from within me; booming now. I could hear it inside of my ears, inside of my head, it should have been deafening, it rattled my teeth as it spoke. 

"YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF ME," the voice shook. I gasped for air, fear soaking me with cold sweat. I shook with fear dropping to my knees, I had felt my voice come from within me, and I had not and could not have been prepared for it. Then it spoke again.


My mind went blank, darkness encompassed my vision and I was looking at the Earth, from above somehow. And then that booming vibrating voice inside my head spoke.

"I have absorbed you now, your consciousness is mine and your body is under my control. Witness my power."

 I pulled myself closer to the planet I called home, somehow I could feel that this, thing thought of it as a simple rock with basic insect life living within. Then in a flash I was back in my body, on Earth, I couldn't see the creature anymore.

Just as I contemplated if any of that had really happened, my body lurched forward, without my consent. My legs started walking, I tried to scream, but it became painfully obvious to me, that I had no sense of the world around me, I couldn't hear the distant hum and whoosh of cars in the city, or feel the wind on my face. I was simply looking out of my eyes, witnessing what my body was doing. That entity, whatever it was, it was controlling my body, forcing me to watch as I pulled out my car keys, approached my car, started up the engine, then my vision faded into white.

When the light faded I was standing in a gun store, I could feel the cold air, smell the Hawaiian breeze air freshener, and then I heard the man behind the counter say 

"Can I help you sir, we were just getting ready to close, so there's no time to," as the word time had left his mouth I could feel that thing, burning in my head, then I felt it's booming voice again,

"TIME, YOU KNOW NOTHING OF THE CONCEPT...LET ME SHOW YOU," my hand shot up and I felt as if my arm was ripping from the socket as I watched a tendril, darker than night rip outward from my flesh, my very bones. The man was gripped by it, and as I felt it squeeze around him, he dissipated in a strange green light. Then I felt myself jumping up over the counter, and then the white light encroached my vision again.

When I came to this time, I looked in horror as my hands, MY hands, holding two assault rifles, and gunning down men in camo uniforms, then the light suddenly took my vision again; then coming back almost instantly. I was holding a key in my left hand and pointing a pistol at a young man with my other, unable to move, unable to stop myself. Then my voice came out, like I had never heard it before, deep and demanding with a sharpness about it,

"Turn the key or die a death lasting forever," the last word cracked and sounded unnatural, ungodly. The young man started to sob, but his hand began turning the key, as he did I could feel my own hand similarly turning, then both keys clicked into place, alarms began blaring, red lights flashing all over, and then my head turned and I was forced to watch my own hand shoot the young, crying man directly between the eyes, as the gunshot cracked my vision was taken again by white light. This time I was relieved. I couldn't believe the things I had just saw my own hands do. Then I could see, again I was above the Earth, and there was silence. And then I saw it, one bright flash somewhere in Europe, followed by another in North America, and then another and another...I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry. What I was watching, was the total destruction of the planet.

"Mutually assured destruction," the deep voice spoke in my head, "a beautiful phrase that I found in your own mind, and so i brought it to you," I couldn't believe what I was hearing, my whole planet had just died in an instant, and it had been my hand that had caused it. And then it spoke again

"Now I have no need for you to stay," as it said this my vision faded and I felt a warmth all around me and as everything faded away, I saw this monster shift its gaze, looking at a line of 3 bright lights in the sky, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus all perfectly aligned in the sky. This monster had been stargazing too.

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