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My name is Steven, in all respect I've led a pretty normal life leading up to about three weeks ago. I had a family, a few close friends, a girlfriend. I was studying Engineering and was a little better than average in my classes. There wasn't anything inherently unique about my life up until recently.

I'd been raised in a normal neighborhood in a normal school. I wasn't ever really 'bullied', but we had a few nasty kids who never got the best of me and my friends anyway.

Recently, I'd start getting calls from an unknown number, and when I'd pick up I'd hear nothing, then the sound of a phone being put down. I put it down as it being a jealous ex of my girlfriend or one of my dumb friends trying to freak me out 'cause they know I go on /x/.

I never gave it much thought, until I was on the bus from school and I got one of the calls. I answered the phone normally (in case it wasn't the repeat caller) and asked hello. This time there was a weird electronic windy sound, like a 'shwooping' sound, it also sounded like it was being repeated over and over every second or so. I was a little taken aback, I was more convinced it was my friends now, but I was thinking this is taking it a little far. I hung up this time.

After a few more similar calls with the creepy electronic sound (a few at 3 or 4 in the morning too), I asked my friends if they knew what it was, and they were a bit surprised. Normally they'd be like, hahaha did you get scared? But they seemed to genuinely have no idea what it was.

So I started asking the sound questions to the sound. It was really vague stuff like, 'who are you?', 'what do you want?', etc. I never got any replies or any change in the tone of the sound.

After a week of that, I started getting in a strange way. I'd get so mad at people for little reason. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep again only a few minutes before I'd get another call.

My hair was starting to fall out in the shower and my appetite was getting really shitty. But I think the worst part was the anger. I was getting really mad at my friends if they'd die in Halo or something, I actually hit my friend in the face for stopping me from yelling at an old lady that nearly hit me when I crossed the street without looking.

Anyway so I was getting really paranoid about my friends and girlfriend betraying me. I'd be waiting at the bus stop after class and I'd be so mad at everything in the world, and I'd get even madder if I got yet another call from that fucking number.

I saw this girl on the other side of the road, she was in a local high school, probably in the eighth or ninth grade. Either way she would have been between 13-14 by the looks of her. I was just watching her walk by, and I got another call. This time I was like "WHAT FUCK WHAT?!" as soon as I answered. I thought I was going to explode that they're still calling me.

I listened routinely and I heard that the sound had changed. it was pulsating sound, like a fan, and after about 3-4 pulses of the sound, there would be a second-long beep.

This was going way too far for me. I no longer thought it was just a prank, cause I was getting really fucked up. If it was my friends they would have stopped already, and I don't think many people have the tenacity to call me every 1–2 hours for two weeks straight.

I was furious at this point, tired, confused and disorientated. I was doing shit in school, my friends avoided me and my family didn't know what to do to react to my yelling and shit, my girlfriend told me to go to a psychologist and avoided me. And every day I'd see that high schooler walk past. Even though she was probably about 6–7 years younger than me, I found her annoyingly attractive, even though I didn't really know why. She wasn't anything special. I would have thought my girlfriend was more attractive.

She had long brown hair, I couldn't make out her eye color but she had kind of big eyes, she was quite pale and had freckles on her face, and from seeing her in her school dress, she was pretty thin (not anorexic but thin) and her legs were a little freckly too. I saw her looking at me as I waited every day for the bus, glancing in my direction, maybe she found me attractive, I know I'm not bad looking myself. Last week I decided I was going to mess with her for some reason I had some sick, dark humor in my head that I wanted to scare her or freak her out. So one night I thought up a plan.

I don't know I think I stopped paying attention to the calls by then, they'd changed a few more times. They were getting louder, more intense. I left class early and went down the road from my bus stop and put two petrol bombs that I'd hidden nearby that morning on the side of the road. (You read it right, I'd actually made them in my garage the night before.) They were hidden in two vacuum cleaner boxes and had a long fuse. I'd seen people when I was younger make these for fun and set them off at a local creek so it wasn't that uncommon to know how to make these. You'd occasionally find scraps of metal from these in my old neighborhood. I waited behind a nearby building until the high school girl walked past the two boxes and walked out and lit the fuses.

I have to say this was a massive thrill. I knew I had about 40 seconds before the bomb exploded. So I ran towards the whore, she turned around and gasped. I grabbed her hand and shouted, "Run they're coming!"

A few seconds later the bombs went off, they're not a tremendous explosion, but they make a lot sound and flame and smoke. She screamed and came with me as we ran and ran and ran. I see she's getting tired so I beckoned her to hide behind a gas station with me. I began to make up so much bullshit. I tell her that her father works for the government and he's actually a top scientist in their laboratory for teleportation physics, and that enemy intelligence wants to kidnap her so they can steal his research and keep the government from using it. She tells me that can't be, because her father works for a bank and she's never heard of her father doing that.

She refused to believe me, I asked her, "Okay then, when he comes home, does he hide his work papers?" And she thought for a moment and answered no, I asked her if she's ever met one of his work colleagues and she answered no. She starts to believe it. She seemed to completely miss the fact there was no need for an explosion if someone was kidnapping her. I realized how easily I was playing her now. All this time my phone wasn't ringing at all, but I hadn't realized that yet. I was so 'in the zone' of the situation. This was getting fun.

I think she was way too into the situation. This isn't to say she was having fun, but she was extremely naive in believing that her father was actually a physicist working on teleportation for the government and that people were actually trying to kidnap her. She had a million questions for me. I answered them all in realistic and consistent ways.

When she'd finished, she asked me what she's supposed to do. Right after she'd asked, my phone went off again. There was nothing, just the electronic sound like usual. I used the opportunity.

I pretended to have a short solemn conversation on the phone, and when I got to the end the other side hung up on cue. I turned to the girl and asked her her name. She told me it was Ashley (only after I'd realized that it was kind of stupid for me to ask if I worked for the government and knew her father, but she didn't take on any suspicion).

I said to her, "Ashley, I'm really sorry but your mom and dad were just killed outside your house, it's not safe to go there anymore."

She burst into tears and sat there crying, I felt no pity towards her. I actually felt really really proud of myself for doing this. I wanted to scare her, make her feel alone, make her suffer for her parents' fake death. I wanted to take this further, but I knew I should probably take out any variables that could affect the 'game' as I felt it was.

I asked her if I could take her phone, she was still crying but she gave it to me silently. I threw it on the ground hard enough to shatter it across the concrete. She looked at me angrily and demanded to know why I did that. I bent down and pretended to analyze the remains of the cell phone. I picked up a random piece of circuit board and showed it to her.

"This is how they found you in the first place, it's a tracking device." She was wide-eyed, fearful, tear-stricken and completely out of her mind. I had this random metal bracelet that my girlfriend gave me for one of our monthly anniversaries, it's nothing special just a metal band with a carbide strip running around it. I gave it to Ashley and told her this would "cloak her tau aura" so they can't track her by other means.

Amazingly she told me she could feel a tingle down her arm when she put it on. This was all obviously the placebo effect but lied saying, yeah then it's working. I said we should be safe for now so I took her back to my place. I told her this is a safe house, and it's completely cut off from our universe. I played her for a bit longer, answering more of her dumb questions about her father, teleportation, the enemy (who are apparently "inter-dimensional agents" determined to stop anyone who gets too close to threatening them with technology). I comforted the girl when she started crying again, told her everything is okay and I'd be there for her. I put her in front of the TV and decided what to do while cooking some dinner. This was going way too far, but I was having way too much fun to stop.

So I thought I could mess with her a little bit. I lit a fire in the fireplace and put a few logs in. I sat down and looked heavy-hearted.

"What's wrong?" she asked me. I looked at her, pretended to be embarrassed.

"Give me a second, I don't know how to explain this..." Truth is, I already knew exactly what I wanted to say, but I wanted her to believe this was difficult for me.

"You can tell me Steven, can I call you Steven?"

"Yeah, you can.." I replied.. "It's just that.. you know that tracking device in your phone? Those things give off a frequency I can detect with my phone. If the tracking device from your phone was here, my phone would be telling her exactly where to find it."

She started quickly saying she had no other devices on her and I said, "Well, it could be anywhere, so we have to.."

I trailed off there, looking away for effect.

"What?" she asked.

"We have to burn all your stuff... your clothes, purse, bag before they detect your signal and find you.."

She looked at me, I thought maybe she'd get mad, embarrassed, instead she just looked really scared and she started to cry again. I hugged her and told her it'd all be okay.

At this point in the story, I'd like to remind you that I'd quite aware of what I was doing was really really fucked up. I know it's not quite paranormal and I have a big suspicion that the phone calls were just in my head, but I felt like I needed to tell it to someone. My name isn't actually Steven because then the police might be able to track me down through this confession. I'm just getting this all off my chest.

So I told her to go into my room and take all her clothes and accessories off. And put them outside the door with her school bag. I left her some trackies and one of my t-shirts to wear. When she came out with her stuff I threw it all in the fire and closed the grate. It's one of those gas fireplaces, so I turned up the gas and left it all to burn. I felt a shit load of pleasure, watching the clothes, books, jewelry, shoes and everything burn away..

I had so much control over her life right now. I pulled out my iPhone and put up a random app, I think it was the default Stocks one you get with the phone. I looked at the graph and looked up at her, then looked back down at the graph. She could read my feigned disconcert.

"What, what, what?" she asked.

"It should have gone by now."

She was like "oh my God why why? I gave you everything Steven I swear! Are they going to find us now? What do we do?!" I told her to calm down for a second. I pretended to look frustrated and embarrassed. I started stammering and talking quietly, telling her I think I know where it is.

She demanded to know where it was. I asked her if she ever bled more than other girls during their period (I was fishing for anything to help lead her into believing my fake shit). She looked at me surprised and said no. I immediately asked her a similar question, whether she got stomach cramps more often than other girls. I knew that the chances were, there was something wrong with her, I just needed to ask the common problems. She looked at me with the same scared, surprised look and answered yes and asked me what that had to do with anything. I pointed to her stomach and stated that "tracking chips" often disrupt the menstrual cycle.

I wanted to laugh, she was lapping this up like a cat with milk. I wanted to fuck her up mentally, make her believe that these things were happening.

So she was scared, she wanted to know how they put it in her, and I said it was probably in the middle of the night. "They drugged you in the night with gas and implanted it, you wouldn't have ever noticed.." She told me she could feel it and it was making her uncomfortable.

I looked her, really embarrassed, looking really uncomfortable. She seemed to get what I wanted to ask but knew I shouldn't just blurt out.

"You have to remove it then right.." She looked away and I told her it'd be best if we did. She started crying again. This was like the 5th or 6th time she cried so far. I thought I'd be frustrated, but I liked it when she cried, when I held her she'd sob gently on my shoulder, and I felt excited that she was taking comfort in the person who was causing her this confusion and grief. It was a sick, twisted feeling of pride in my own work.

I told her to lie on my bed, she was extremely nervous but cooperated, I could tell she trusted me, probably because I was the only adult figure she was aware she had in her life. I went to my computer room (it's just a separate room in my house where I have two working computers and a few spare rigs on the shelf.) I pulled a small computer part from the motherboard of one of the old spare rigs, I don't even know what it was. It was round and purple. I was going to pretend this was the tracking chip.

So I went into my room and she was waiting there, sitting on the end of the bed. I told her quietly I'd washed my hands and it shouldn't take too long. I told her to lie on her front and pull down the pants I gave her to wear to about her knees.

I also said it's okay if she braces herself or closes her eyes if she needs, but not to move around much. I was saying this to appear comforting to achieve this trust in her.

Ugh, right so with all my obsession with wanting to abuse and destroy the mind of this girl. I was getting more and more into the situation, I could see her half naked on my bed and I couldn't help but feel aroused.

Look, don't worry, I didn't actually whip it out and rape her right there but I'm just telling it the way it was and I'm not that proud of it now.

So I was hard but I wanted to make this realistic, so I inserted my finger into her, kind of like how a gyno would.

Look I don't know if this part is necessary but I'm just going to get through it fast then go to pour myself another drink before writing the next one.

I was getting too into it. I didn't want to tip her off that this was all fake, but I was enjoying myself cause I had all this control. It was getting to the point where I was almost masturbating her, which was dangerous because she might think I'm raping her.

I panicked when she opened her mouth and gasped when I moved my finger into her too deep. I quickly removed my hand, deciding this was going too far and she might suspect something and put the computer chip in my palm. I moved next to where her head was laying and tapped her shoulder, I showed her the chip so she knew this wasn't 'fake'. She looked flustered and extremely scared that that thing was apparently inside of her. I threw it in the fire.

She stopped talking to me after I did the fake procedure. I told her to have a shower and go watch TV while I take care of some business. She did this all silently, I made sure I texted anyone who would come over or call me that I'd be in New Zealand for the next few days and that my phone would be out of range. I wanted to make sure we weren't disturbed in our game.

When I'd finished I came out and switched off the TV. She looked at me silently and asked me whether the "signal" had disappeared. I told her it had, and that we were safe. She sighed and hugged me, apologizing for not talking to me. She began to speak for about five minutes, but I can't remember her exact words so I'll just give you what I remember:

"I'm just so angry that this is happening to me, and I'm so confused by this all, but I trust you. You are helping me, that's why I let you do it without complaining. I know you're a good man Steven. I'm sorry I can't be stronger, this is all happening so fast and it's so crazy.. Oh God I can't believe they're actually gone. Steven I miss them, I miss my daddy and I miss mummy. You're all I have left Steven, please don't leave me now Steven. Protect me please. I don't have anyone else now."

I felt bad. I started to feel really bad, horrible, confused, but I didn't want this to end. I was so excited by this all, but I didn't know what to do anymore. I felt bad that I was abusing this girl, but at this point I really couldn't help myself. I felt like I needed a solution now.

Yeah, right on cue both my phone and the house phone rang. I haven't forgotten the sound.

I think it's fair to say I completely shit myself. Ashley and I jumped when they rung. I answered my iPhone instead of the house phone, but it stopped ringing as soon as I picked up on my cell. The sound was extremely loud, a whipping, electronic whirling sound. It was crazy, it was distorted and played backwards, whooping, pulsating, beeping, then it stopped. I pressed the phone to my ear, the call was still connected but there was no sound.

Then I jumped again, clear as day, I heard a mechanical voice (let me explain, you know when you're at a train station and the train announcements are recorded in different files so some words are said in different tones. Like "the next train to arrive on platform three will be the ten forty. Stopping all stations to the city.", that what it sounded like a prerecorded message). It said very clearly:

"Negative Thirty-Seven Point Eight Six Dash Positive One Hundred Forty Four Point Eight Three"

Over and over, I told Ashley to get me a pen and I wrote the numbers down.

I never bothered to figure out what the numbers meant. I forgot about them. I just found the paper now for this thread.

After that phone call, I ended up putting Ashley to bed, she was still crying about her parents and she wanted me to lie with her until she fell asleep. I didn't know if this was a great idea. But she was begging me so I ended up doing that.

She was helpless, tired, and when I got in the bed with her I felt really attracted to her. After a few minutes of talking we were facing the same way and I was hugging her from behind. Don't ask me why, I just felt like I wanted to so I did and I felt the compulsion to start touching her. Needless to say she responded positively to it and I'm not surprised.

Scared young girl, grieving her parents' deaths, scared and lonely, needed someone to come and comfort her, make her feel good about herself, tell her she's safe and that everything okay. So I'm not surprised about what happened next.

Well like I said, I think she reacted typically for what I pretty much put her through. She was scared, lonely and needed support, maybe I took advantage of that. I don't know how much more that matters. I took advantage of her naivety in the first place when I put her in the situation.

We were cuddling in the bed, and it was rather easy for me to have access to her. I began to arouse her as I would my ex-girlfriend. I think I must have been her first. She didn't fight me at all, she was reaching back and touching me as most girls would do during foreplay or intercourse.

I don't know if it makes it worse, but during the first moment of penetration of the teenage girl from behind, I relished in the realization that I was taking her virginity. I felt a strange affection for her, not love but deep attachment, like you would be attached to say a Pikachu toy you might have cherished as a child.

We had sex, and it was quite restricted. I caressed her as if she were my partner, it was not rape, well not technically anyway.

When she came to climax I hadn't yet, but I could tell she was exhausted. I let her sleep.

I got up and went to the bathroom, I was staring at myself in the mirror for a few moments when my phone went off. I didn't want to answer it anymore. But I did, I felt as if there was little choice but to answer it.

The electronic beeping, whirling and pulsating was familiar, yet there were new sounds, rising in volume from the background wash of the ever-so-familiar electronic sounds as they became more clear, it seemed like more strange sounds, but as they grew even louder. They were very clear to be screams, human screams. Played in reverse over and over. I hung up. I felt the world spinning.

I looked down in the sink and saw red stained against the white porcelain. I touched my wet nose and felt gooey blood pouring from it. I think I passed out then.

When I woke up I was freezing cold, it took me a few seconds to realize I was standing on a sporting ground. I was soaking wet in sweat, and the wind chilled it as it blew, making me shiver furiously. I was standing over a round, half-dug hole. I knew I had to continue digging because this was the place I had to be at 1:05am. This is what I was supposed to be doing. I'm assuming that made no sense to you.

What I mean is that, I had an enormous sense of belonging to that sporting oval. I felt as if everything in my life was just preparation for this moment. I don't know why I felt like that; I wouldn't say I felt controlled because everything felt like me, it felt like I wanted to be there. I wanted to be digging that hole.

When I'd finished I walked over to my car and pulled out Ashley's parents. Suddenly I remembered that I'd killed them both in their home. Suddenly it was very clear that after I passed out in the bathroom I'd got up, took the combat knife I bought from a market one day as a collectible item and drove. I didn't know where I was driving the whole time. I remember that I was confused, but guided.

I had my iPhone on the dashboard of the car on speakerphone the whole time. It was just crackling, pulsating, beeping, whirling and whooshing the whole time. I was focusing on it the whole way and suddenly I felt like I needed to stop. When I did I looked outside and saw the house where I needed to be.

I knew where the spare key was, and I killed them both in their sleep. I don't remember having a choice in any of this, I just remember doing it.. Even in the house, I had the phone to my ear the whole time listening to those fucking sounds.

So I buried them both. My crippling regret and remorse were kicking in as I started shoveling soil on their bodies. But I was countered by a feeling of fake elation, of content. I didn't know why, I knew I should feel bad, I wasn't going to feel good about murdering her parents. I knew that wasn't right, that wasn't me for sure. So I did the deed, buried them both and drove back home. I'm not sure what to tell Ashley. I want to leave the country with her, but it's difficult when she's technically missing. I can make her change her hair, clothes and everything else to disguise her but it's hard to change her paper identity.

I don't think I'm going to tell her. I might stick to the whole alternate universe thing and try to be with her.

About fifteen minutes ago my cell phone started ringing, I didn't answer it. I'm scared of what will happen if I do.