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Author's note: This is my entry for Cornconic's Random Title writing contest. The category I chose was 'Christmas'.

The thing about Christmas is that, you have to choose very carefully what do you want, and never regret it.

My family wasn't poor, but couldn't be called "wealthy" so most of the Christmas ornaments and decorations we had were improvised. We had a pine tree made out of empty beer cans, a snowman made out of paper plates and the star was a flower... What can I say, I worked with what I had.

I don't remember much of my father, only that he was mumbling words in his room, I could only him during Christmas, and even then he would only come out and sit on his chair. I never saw him eat anything.

My mother had a lot of experience knitting, she used to knit all day long, but she never did the usual stuff like gloves, socks of scarfs, she only made a long pile of nothing in particular, with no colors in particular, I don't know why she had so much wool, But she never ever talked, that's why the time she gifted me with a pair of stockings was like a miracle. I also can't remember seeing her eating anything.

The stockings were my favorite thing out of everything I had. a combination of red and white, so wonderful, so unreal. I was proud of them, and they were proud of me.

Every Christmas' eve in the morning the stockings were full of the most delicious candies I've ever tasted. I wish I had shared them with somebody, but I couldn't, I'm an only child, and my mom had better things to knit, not a single word to me or to anybody, and my dad would be in his chair, no words either.

What can I say, I was feeling alone.

I never had an interest for studying, having a job nor a family, because I lived with two mannequins in a constant silence with no inspiration.

I just wanted a normal proper Christmas with my family, so I started working hard for it.

I said I never had interest on getting a job, but I did have one, and with the little money I had I began collecting little things for the occasion, I began by buying a proper tree, then I bought some proper lights to dress it, and I bought some red paint. I bought some fancy trees and candies, lots and lots and lots of candies, and not just any kind, bit my favorite type.

The day arrived so with great joy I started decorating the house, it took me a long, long time.

But patience awards, and the 24th of the last month I saw my work. The tree was in a perfect spot, none of the lights were misbehaving, the presents were like from an advertising. But there was something missing, the stockings... But my old stupid wool socks would look stupid in this perfect home.

I turned around and smiled to my parents.

"Would you two mind helping me?"

No response.

"You both look so pale and so thin!".

They were indeed pale, a paper white pale, and so fragile. But I wasn't going to stop here.

I grabbed the red paint and carefully gave then a better look, no joke I was truly careful.

But they still looked like their lips never met the word "food" I gave them one of my candies.

"But promise you'll eat properly the dinner alright?".

It was Sunday, December 25th.

I was resting from all the hard work, I was so proud, the sight of my parents hanging over the chimney was an experience. So red and Ioaded with candy, I giggled just a bit.

"I love you both. You know that right?".

"We love you too". They answered.

Silly me, I forgot that the stuffers wouldn't let them talk.

Calcetines de navidad

Written by Whitecrow233
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