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The slow ascent of a shattered soul beyond the limitations
Placed onto this world through the impossibly colorful halls
Leading into a distant place filled with possibilities and dreams
Cut short by the predatory grasp of the nonexistent enemy
A cruel condemnation to spend the rest of time in exile
Within the boundaries of the mortal form
Imprisoned for a thousand more eternities within these walls
Where pain becomes the sole constant of my reality
Born from the ever-expanding chasm tearing right through me
By the hands of locust-infested angels rising from the abyss
To lacerate my immobilized flash with the flaming blades
Forged from the blood flowing within my veins
To decimate the structural complexity of the skeletal integrity
At the behest of the self-destructive neural nemesis
Pillars of lightning burn through the plexuses
As he tries to break free from his restraints inside of my bones
Fire eats away at the soft tissue to the sickening sadistic
Delight of my ever-ravenous septic adversary
Deriving its morbid pleasure as it watches me drown
In the waves of liquid agony spilling from my mouth
Without ever inflicting the final blow
Allowing me to sink further into the void of despair
Faced with the rapidly calcifying fabric of my destiny
I push beyond the gates of reason
Into a vast plain dominated by the incomprehensible absurdity
Where my living body turns into a lifeless stone
And the sacred hands of death
Allow the searing pain to entomb my frame
Encased within a statue
As my mind descends into
The tomb of immortality

Written by MLycantrope
Content is available under CC BY-SA