The sun goes down once again,
Allowing another day to end.

Beginning another quiet night;
This one doesn't feel quite right.

Dogs barking is distant,
Crickets' chirps persistent.

Traffic hums from far away.
A tapping at the window pane.

Curtains closed and blinds are down,
Attempting to avoid the frown.

That frown you saw right by the door,
Staring as if it wanted more.

More of what it couldn't have;
A frown that didn't seem so sad.

That angry thing stands by the window;
Can't you see it through the curtains?

You look away and try not to care.
Make it think you're not aware.

Don't do this, though; it likes to hide,
Especially when it comes inside.

Despite your religious views, you pray it isn't there.
That isn't it behind the chair.

Close your eyes to pray once more.
Now you see it on the floor.

Stop crawling, please, stop crawling now!
Stop crawling to the edge of the couch.

Pull up the covers, hide your face.
Dream about a better place.

The sun has risen. A summer day begins.
You fought the nightmare, took the win.

Couch is warm, but the wind is cold.
You could have sworn the window was closed.

And why is your blanket not on you now?
It's across the room and on the ground...

Could it have been the thing that frowns?



Written by YakuYabai 
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