I would awaken, clenching the comfortable sheets of my sweat-drenched bed in sheer terror, as the familiar rumble of an all-too-familiar beast would begin to graze my ears, gently at first. As the beast's roar became louder, it became airy, seeming to whine as it growled. Its position was all too-known, as it has appeared beside my bed several times, to my terrified knowledge. Then, something occurred that genuinely surprised me; a then pleasant emotion that I was certain I would never feel again, which would only add to my blissful surprise.

A fluorescent, heavenly glow would protrude from the beast, a glow that would prove to be comforting and reassuring as it would reveal the beast's carefully forged physique. It was not a beast, but a form of device, a diabolical vehicle to be more precise, at which many of fame have died within.

The vehicle, machine, device or what have you, had quite the reputation for murder. It was a device that would provide those within it a blissful pleasure, but would suddenly betray them when all seemed well. A device that some say, is a bit too good to be true.

It was thought to be a marvel of humanity, I know this now due to my extensive research. It was of no wonder why the object was so carefully crafted and so perfect.

Alas, humanity will crumble at the sight of perfection, as it has taken many lives already. I recall that as I gazed at the device that I now see fit to call beast, I was simply terrified, even after the wave of comfort that came over me.

I didn't know why then, but I felt incredibly compelled to enter it. It would seem to welcome me as its form would seem to accommodate human beings exclusively, its choice prey. Its roar would intensify heavily, air injected into the roar as it propelled me forward in a blissful experience of adrenaline, as it all simply went black with a thud.

I awoke within entangled pieces of ravaged metals, and feel my body heat up with the unrelenting hellfire similar to that of an explosion within an oil rig.

And there, I would lie dead, within my glorious 962.

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