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*Not actual KILLSWITCH image

It’s exactly what it sounds like. The ability to flick a little switch in a person’s brain, and cause it to stop functioning. A kill switch. Now, you may be asking, what little switch, how do you do something like that? Well, there’s an answer to that question, but let me give you the context for it first.

Allow me to start with creation. Some people believe in the random coming together of our current universe; that over time, from nothing came something. That just from evolution and adaptation, over billions of years, our universe turned from a big bang to the one we live in now. With enough time, anything is possible. I think that’s a bunch of BS. Our universe is so carefully connected, so precisely crafted down to the sub atomic level, that it had to be purposefully formed just the way it is. Enter Intelligent Design. This theory suggests that a higher being created everything in existence, including humans. Including the human brain.

Let’s quickly shift focus to designing the software for a computer. In most cases, there is a certain command, a line of code, that when entered, allows the operator to shut down the device. This is an effective function to have, in case the operator ever needs to turn off the computer for whatever reason.

Turning our focus back to the human brain, let’s compare it to the software running the computer, which is the body. There exists in our mind a similar function, an off button if you will.


At this point I’m sure you have many questions; how does this kill switch work? Who knows about it? Who made it? I shall answer these questions in the order above.

First off, how does this kill switch work? Currently, testing is being done with the image that triggers the shutdown of the brain. There is a certain arrangement of shapes and colors, a seemingly random and meaningless collage of obscure outlines that “flicks” the switch. I have left a similar type of image on this page for you to have some idea of what I am talking about (keep in mind this is not the actual trigger image).

Some theorize that the image simply overloads the mind with an infinite cycle of thoughts, to the point that it “overheats”, in a sense. Failing to comprehend the picture before it, the brain ceases its functions and the person instantaneously dies. Others, including myself, believe that the image is an intentional device meant to deactivate humans. That somewhere deep in our second nature, in the uncontrollable, reactionary part of our brain, an algorithm is set up to cause the combustion of our mind once the image is seen. An intentional function inserted into our body by our creator, meant to automatically execute a human being without resistance. For this reason, I have dubbed the KILLSWITCH as, “The Face of God”, which, according to the Bible, was so holy and unfathomable, that it would instantly kill any person who gazed upon it. However, I theorize that this is not the only KILLSWITCH.

You see, there are five different ways the body perceives the world around it, the five senses, and I think it is reasonable to assume that each one of them has their own specific trigger that can end a person’s life. But I will cover this more as I answer the second question.

Now, who exactly knows about this KILLSWITCH? Well, for one, me and everyone who is reading this right now. But in terms of the people who are currently experimenting with it, all I can tell you is that it is a secret, private organization. Call us terrorists, call us lunatics, but in the end, it won’t matter what this generation thinks of us. Life is but a vapor, and then it is no more.

“But why tell us about this deadly device,” you may ask. “Doesn’t that ruin your plans?” It’s quite a simple reason, really. Being able to accomplish a goal when having to overcome an opposing force is satisfying. But when your opponent knows what you are going to do, and knows they are powerless to stop it, there is a certain kind of elation that can only come from that command of inevitability. It will make our success so much more rewarding, and our rise to power truly crushing for all those who dare stand in the way. Basically, my relaying this knowledge upon you all is an indicator of our confidence and your helplessness to stop us and our agenda. You are completely and utterly at our mercy.

I will return to that point in time, however, let me first conclude my statement on the possibility of multiple KILLSWITCHES. We are already conducting tests on a KILLSWITCH for the sense of hearing; a frequency that causes the brain to immediately turn off. Although not completely finished, like the visual KILLSWITCH, we believe this audial one is closer to becoming a reality every day. If discovered, an audial KILLSWITCH could potentially be much more potent than the visual one, since anyone within a certain vicinity would be subject to the instant death caused by it, as opposed to anyone looking at a particular image.

In regards towards the taste, touch, and smell variants of “The Face of God”, their discovery would be inconsequential, since the auditory variation would be the most effective. So, although we may never know for certain if there exists five KILLSWITCH triggers in the human brain, I believe it is very probable.

Finally, I will discuss the answer to the third question presented earlier; who would make such a horrid, reactionary response? Well, as I alluded to in the beginning, I believe in the creation theory of Intelligent Design. I also believe that this Grand Designer grafted in us a “deactivation” trigger, in order to cause us instantaneous death at anytime. If for one reason or another, this Grand Designer needed to eliminate a vast majority of the human population, it could be swiftly done with an array of colors, or a certain frequency, or a unique odor. Just another way It could enforce absolute control over Its creations.

As to who this Grand Designer is, that is a great mystery for us to ponder. Some call It God, others call It the Universe itself, but I personally don’t think it matters. We’ve been created, and an environment has been created around us, and that’s it. Perhaps in time, I will reflect more on this being of unimaginable power and grandeur, but at the present, I am simply content with focusing on the utilization of the tools It has provided for us.

And so now where does that leave you? You could be watching TV one day, and all of a sudden the screen switches to an incomprehensible image, and you die instantly. Or you could be driving to work or to school, and you start to hear a sound, and before you can even fully process what you are hearing, your brain will cease to function and your life will come to an end. In time, we will make ourselves known, and on that day, the world will never be the same. The knowledge you’ve gained from reading this will do you no good; nothing can save you from the inevitable. So, with no real hope remaining, I encourage to consider the following while you still have life in your lungs.

“Our days are numbered, despite what we do, there’s no hope to be found in this earth
So make peace with all in your path, and think profoundly on your purpose and worth
And above all else, remember this phrase, and live it out each day after day;
Your life is but a vapor, blowing in the wind, and that vapor will soon fade away.”