Day 1: “Verbal communication test”

I work in a mental correctional off-site facility, which is where specialized "shrinks" give 'code 9' cases a home-like environment to live in and monitor them for around a year, to determine if they can live on their own. Without constant doses of medication every hour of the day, most of our patients just keep to themselves, some of them can't talk in any sort of way whatsoever. Some only communicating via pen and paper or sign language, which we have had to accommodate our employee range and means of hire and requirements in order to be hired to fit these specific special cases. So far, only 1 has passed this test and gone into their 10th year in society and as far as I know, the subject has quite a wide variety in terms of careers in scientific fields, they've got master's in biology, chemistry, and virology.

   As of writing this, I am still his only friend left from before he was committed to Oliver Gold Mental Correctional Facility and Trauma Recovery Center, which is the Institution I work for as the only Code 9 communications investigator, and I probably will always be the only one capable of doing so. This is as accurate a recollection as I can manage. So some information may not be true, but that doesn't mean all of it isn't true, just that memory isn't too good at being spot-on accurate.

    Day one of Frost Gold's mental evaluation, test 1: Verbal communication skills.

"Hello Gold, Are you ready to begin your VC test? If you have any questions, please ask now, you won't have a second chance." I ask Frost, unsure if he remembers how to communicate verbally. We only were able to obtain information about his - according to him - "Accident" that got him to end up in the OGCF, via pen and paper with the help of a graphologist. But, the graphologist went missing about 7 months ago after leaving work after the night shift worker arrived to replace him for the rest of the shift. "I am ready for the test" He replies. I sat there in shock, wondering if I heard that or not. I was in absolute disbelief about the fact he was able to talk all this time, over the earpiece I hear, "Did you just respond for him? If you do that again, you're off the case." coming from my boss' mic, I responded as quietly as I could, "Negative, sir, that was him." and I could tell he was uneasy hearing this because when he finally gave me orders, he sounded terrified, and I could tell he was unsure when he told me, "Keep it that way, do you understand?" As I knew what my boss wanted to try to pull off, I only said in response, "10-4"

   "Alright, question 1, Do you still rely on medication to suppress your violent outbreaks?" I ask, "Not as much as I used to." He replies, I circle 'No' on the list of questions I was reading to him, "Question 2, Do you think about hurting yourself, or anyone around you?" "Only when they deserve it enough." I take note of this response, then continue. "Question 3, Are you ready to be allowed to return to society?" "I've been ready since I arrived." Once again, I take note of this once more, "Question 4, Are you sure about being off medication?" "I don't need them." I take note once more, the rest of the interview went in a similar fashion.

   It was around 7 weeks into the evaluation that I realized he showed no signs of the mental condition he was diagnosed with initially. Which was "Schizophrenia" and I was beginning to question the circumstances surrounding his arrival.. Did he really get a court mandate? Or was he faking it? I'll fill you in with more details once my own mental evaluation is done. I will leave you with this one statement, "I think he isn't actually insane.."

Day 28: “Stolen property”

So, In the last few weeks since Frost’s initial test, a few things have gone missing from the institution’s list of inventory. Including 4 class 9 entry cards, which are used to access basically everything in the Oliver Gold Mental Correctional Facility and Trauma Recovery Center, as well as the keycard to the security room, which is where the cameras, cell doors, and motion sensors are operated.

The security team did a sweep of every cell in the facility, and made sure someone was stationed in the security room at all times. We were only able to locate the SRK card, and the location of the 4 C9EC’s are still under investigation. I will inform you once we do find them and once we make sure the person responsible is given proper charges.

  While I was investigating the incident, I was given access to a transcript of a conversation between two patients in two different cells. How they were able to communicate is still unknown, but here it is, to make it easier to follow, I will make the fonts different.

  The patient’s are interrupted by 2 guards towards the end.


Patient 1;  “Are we still going through with the plan?”

Patient 2;  ``Yes,are you ready for tonight?”

Patient 1; “I have everything you asked for.”

Patient 2; “Good, I disabled the security systems temporarily, so we’ll have to be quick”

Patient 1; “That much was clear.”

Guard 1“You hear something?”

Patient 2; “Shh! Just pretend to sleep.”

Patient 1: “I really hope this works!”

Guard 2: “I heard something about a few things getting stolen from the facility.”

Guard 1; “Yeah, Apparently it’s not the first time this has happened.”

Guard 2; “Really? You’d think that the security team would’ve noticed stuff like that.”

Guard 1; “Yeah, no kidding, It’s odd, right?”

Guard 2; “Definitely, it makes this job feel a lot less safe..”

Guard 1; “Well, we better get going, 22 more cell blocks left.”

Guard 2; “Alright.”


I have to switch out with one of my friends, his mental evaluation is complete, and it’s my turn, so it’s my turn to get an evaluation to determine if I, myself, need to be locked up in this place..

  • Head of security, Edward Grant.

Day 33, at 1 month, 3 days; “Social negotiation test”

  So this… uh… Day No. 33? I can’t tell, Frost Gold has not been an easy case for me, his results depend on how he’s feeling. The results can change halfway through the test, a perfect example of the sudden changes affecting the answers are probably in attempt number 167, which I have been trusted with to keep in the facilities important case files, but I will make an exception with this one, since you’ve kept up with the story for this long, why stop it when people are interested about it? So here it is;

   Day 17 of Isaac Gold’s mental evaluation test, attempt no. 167 of test 3; “Social Negotiation test” Timestamp, 1600 hours on Aug 21st, 20AA at the Oliver Gold MCF & TRC.

 Please answer the following questions with complete honesty, any answers that contradict the doctor’s notes contained within their analysis file will be investigated via multiple monitored interrogations and the evaluation will be restarted until the answers are consistent between both the patient and the doctor.

  1. Do you still want to be free?

yes I do, I can't see myself being here anymore! LET ME OUT!! LET ME OUT!!! LET ME OUT!!! I am ready to be free..

  1. Do you hear him still?

Everyday I hear him judging me, YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!  but I don't listen to him anymore.. don't worry

  1. Is there anything you want to say?

I will have my revenge on all of you… I WILL BE YOUR DEATH!!!

  1. Do you trust us?

No. I don't trust you at all..

   As you can tell from the first four questions, That he has difficulty with trust, You will get to see more of the answers later on, but, I have to inform you of something I think you'd be interested in..

A few days ago, a few patients were found dead, with no antemortem, perimortem, or postmortem injuries anywhere in the initial investigation. But I secretly managed to do my own examination Of Francis Roy, Daniel Davids, Peter Gold, and Vince Teal without the organization finding out. And what I found is absolutely not what I thought I would..

They were all killed in such a way that the body showed no signs of anything, I originally thought I had missed something, but, I narrowed it down to being a part of a serial killing of the most important people in society, but, I don't have any requirement to go into further detail about that information..

They were virtually starved to death, then left in public areas of importance.. That's all I'll say for- I think I just heard something open the door.. I got to cut it short, see you soon.. I hope…

Day 3,650 (Year 10): Initial patient discharge

 I am writing this entry from multiple different locations in order to avoid being caught by the organization I worked for up until about last night. I'll explain later on, but, I don't exactly know if I will get this to you when I want to because of the constant running and secret hospital visits along the way.. but here's the 4th in our series..

 I have finally been able to discharge Isaac Gold from the Oliver Gold Mental Correctional Facility and Trauma Recovery Center today, and my god is this a huge accomplishment for us..

Mr. Isaac Gold was the hardest patient to evaluate in the entire 200 Year history of this morbid place, and I am starting to feel free of the struggle of dealing with a broken minded person every hour of every day.. It's been 9 years since we started the process of getting here..

Why do you feel so lost once an important job is done? You feel amazing for about a day and then feel like you messed up something along the way, but you know that you didn't do anything wrong.

I think the organization found out about my investigation of the 4 body's.. I know if this is true, then, I need to start running, and soon, because once they promise to find you, they will do as they said..

Update: I am now in another different location, and I am not sure how much I will be able to run for, I'm losing feeling in my legs.. I am not up to being in a wheelchair.. So, I will have to be more careful with where I go to hide. Here's the second half to it..

What did I do wrong? Welp, You can probably already tell what. I broke nearly 27 codes of conduct to get this journal to you, and I have no regrets whatsoever.. but, I can't say anything else.. I am sorry.. but, this is Shade.. Signing off, for good…

 FINAL UPDATE: I am not sure what I was thinking, I knew the only thing I could think of was never going to work.. the organization knew I wasn't hurt, they knew I was lying when I said I was paralyzed.. THEY knew I was actually afraid of them..

I can't tell if Isaac was the crazy one.. or if It was really me who was… is this even real? Do I exist? Do you exist?... I don't know anything anymore..

7 years after the release of Isaac Gold: the silent Fears of life

Voice 1: “Do you really think you can get rid of me? Why bother with it? You know it’s not gonna work! I’m the reason you’re not dead yet, and why you still have a chance at life!”

Voice 2: “I really don’t want to do this right now..”

Voice 1: “Don’t think you’re getting yourself out of this so easily, you’re not! That’s like trying to talk without a voice, you just can’t. I will be with you for every breath, and every word, I will watch everyone you love leave you, and watch you slowly die inside your own head, what? You afraid of me?”

Voice 2: “We aren’t doing this today!”

Voice 1: “Your choices don’t matter anymore, just admit it! It was never you making those choices! Isaac, That was me! The choices weren’t done out of love, or respect, you were lying to yourself and everyone around you when you say that! They were done out of fear!”

Voice 2: “Leave me alone!!”

Voice 1: “What difference will it make?! Huh? Answer me!! You know that I’m your only friend, you can only trust me! Everyone who told you they cared about you were lying! The only person who really cares about you is ME!! Not your family, or your worthless friends, not that excuse for a girlfriend!!”

Voice 2: “I’m done.. We’re done, our partnership is over.”

Voice 1: "I don't think you believe that, Isaac."

Voice 2: "You're right… I don't…"

The penitentiary journal: walking on thin ice

   9 Years, 7 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days after my release from OGCF. (09/03/20xx)

I'm confident that I have moved into a better state of mind. I've heard that I'm okay from the doctor, who still contacts me, despite the rules that restrict them from doing so.. I even gave him my phone number and email address, as well as my P.O box, since - Just to clarify, I am not desperate - I have not made any friends since being out in society, But, Mr. Shade has always been there for me.. He even suggested that I get a degree in computer engineering, which I now have in my belt of many degrees.

One of the most helpful things about my mind is that it only needs a bit of information to understand the whole thing, I could learn how to drive a car from the backseat. Which reminds me.. I have a driving test in… Oh crap! 7 minutes, I got to go!

Yr: 9, Month: 8 wk; 4 day: 15 since release.

So, I passed the driving test, but, I need a job to get myself a job before I can get a car that won't just implode when I start the engine, or have a broken brake line or something that will kill me with even the slightest of movement.

I'm not sure why I need a car, but it just seems like a practical thing to have.. So, I have no choice over the matter. I have a few more things to tell you about, I'll be sure to do this regularly and daily for you.

1: I have noted a voice in the back of my mind, judging each choice, and each thing I do, or say. I am starting to call it "Judgement" for simplicity, I'm not good with giving things good or cool sounding names, so I will most likely give my - possibly future - Child a very odd name by accident, which is why I will give my - possibly future - wife THAT responsibility. Sorry- I'm going off topic, back to the voices.. Judgement is a voice that always makes the choices for everything in my life, From what I wear in the morning, to what I buy for my supper, and everything in between.

2: There is also another voice, I'll call "fear" for obvious reasons. That voice has been quite an issue for me since my release, since it always points out the various ways people I trust could betray me, or that they could just be using me for popularity, and many other things.. I will never be able to be free of the voices, I know that. It's been getting a lot worse since I was released a little under a decade ago..

I've got a lot more to talk about, but I feel like you're not interested in me right now, and probably have more important things to do right now, so… I will end it here..


I have tried to ask Dr. Shade for help, but he didn't get back to me.. I'm not sure what to do now. Should I ask someone else? Should I ignore it? Or should I just see what happens if I don't see another doctor? I really don't understand what I need to do… I keep wanting to hurt those who hurt me.. I know that fighting a fire with fire is definitely not the way to go about it, but, I can't help myself.. I have a few ideas for what I could do to get this feeling to fade away..

I'll be back in a few hours. Stay around..

  UPDATE: some hours later

I did something I'd rather not say that I am responsible for Doing.. but, I can't lie to you now that you've gotten this far. I Have been overthinking things, people call me a lunatic.. The whole process of getting released into society required people to be able to trust me, but, the thing is.. nobody trusts Me.. I have no friends, Dr.  Shade has been ignoring me, my own family had abandoned me years ago.. I have nobody to call for when I need help…

"Isaac! You have us. Remember we're your friends? We've been together since we were all kids"   I hear fear, judgement, and Loss all say to me.. Their voices sound.. so soothing.. It's true, They're all the friends I will ever need..

  Not the people who claimed they cared about me, and claimed to love me, and claim to have my back.. They've been lying to me since The start…

Isaac: "Are you guys there?"

Loss: "We'll always be there for you, Isaac"

Anger: "We'll support you in everything you do"

Fear: "Just listen to us, We'll guide to the right path."

Judgement: "You can always Trust us, Isaac."

Violence: "We will help you with anything you need to get done"

Depression: "We'll hide with you when you cry."

Anxiety: "Everyone else is only going to hurt you. but, we won't EVER hurt you."

Isaac: "I won't let you leave me."

Dr. Shade: "Isaac? Who are you talking to?"

Boss: "Dr., He has to be brought back into Oliver Gold's mental recovery center, Do you understand?"

Dr. Shade: "He's done so well, boss.. Why can't we let him stay in the outside world? Instead of keeping him behind a 7 inch pair of cell bars?"

Boss: "Fine.. We'll give him a second chance, but only one…"

Ending dialogue: by Dr. S.

 I know now that my patient Isaac Ember Anderson Gold was indeed schizophrenic, I only took the time to look for it years after he was released.. I regret not just letting him stay in society, but, I can't be a hero every time. I tried to ask the boss to get approval to just drop the case on him, but he wouldn't even consider it.. I wasn't able to just watch him sit in the corner listening to his FEAR , JUDGEMENT, ANGER, VIOLENCE, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, and his LOSS..

So I deviated from protocol, And I gave him a master key for the facility we had put him into for "permanent recovery"  until further notice, but, I don't have it in me to be cruel to anybody, the guards called in a level 5 breach, at 1932 hours, which is 7:32 p.m for those who don't understand this way of recording time., And Isaac Gold was indeed the most happy patient in the facility.

I received a call from him a few months later on a disposable cell phone, and he thanked me for being such a good friend, and I thanked him for teaching me that not everybody needs to be locked up for being intelligent.

A few years later, the organization found out my involvement in the breakout, and I was fired immediately. So, now.. My turn with the case was over.. about that time, my other friend, uhh… 'watch and his girlfriend 'kit' got control of the case I was responsible for since the moment Isaac walked in..

I will end it here with a statement that I have for boss;

I will die unconquered.

You however will die in a world where

Nobody knows you..

with no respect left,

Dr. Damien Richard Shade

The Penitentiary Journal: The alternate universe experiments.

 Day 1.

“The alternate universe experiment”

By R. Melvern.

I have been tasked with trying to access the other timelines. (See “The three way mirror” Entry 12) Which my brother, A. Melvern said it wouldn't work, but what does he know? There’s a world where he does believe in this, and one where he doesn’t know about it, but, we’re in the one where he doesn’t believe in it, so the other ones have no huge effect on the timelines.. But, I will be the first to cross the barrier between our world, and the other worlds. I have full confidence that this WILL work! I know it will!

Since it’s only started today, I don’t really have anything to write about.. I’ll fill you in more tomorrow, I guess..

DAY 2 of ‘The AU experiment”

By R. Melvern

It has definitely been an interesting start to an experiment. I created the outline of the machine I will use to do the experiment and prove that there ARE indeed MANY worlds in the universe we live in right now, we just need to have the right technology to access them. I named the machine “The timebreaker” for the time being, my good friend, Isaac has also been helping me with this project.

So here’s what has happened so far,

  1. The machine has no clear ability to cool as of right now, so.. Using it for too long could result in immediate overheating of the engine and then an implosion and most likely DEATH.
  2. Isaac has pointed out the faulty cooling system to me, we’re working on that issue now. As of right now, it’s going quite well, but, it’s not implying that it will stay that way indefinitely.
  3. We had to move sites due to an enemy finding our previous site location, we are now continuing the experiment in a different location.
  4. I am confident that we won’t get caught this time. Though, I’m pretty sure that I’m wrong and that Isaac is right, he told me, “We’re using a huge chunk of metal in an area where the sun hits it, anyone can see the reflecting light from miles away, Richard.” and I agreed, we moved to an underground facility for practicality.

Day 3 of the AU experiment.

The machine is moving into the testing process, which was definitely a lot faster than I originally assumed it would get to this stage, but Isaac is smarter than me by like 7000 percent.  So, he understands how these work more than I do, somehow..

Anyways.. Stuff has been going missing around the facility, and Isaac installed 24 hour security cameras around the entire facility, I think his paranoia is getting a bit more worse since he keeps looking over his shoulder all the time.. I think I might tell him to see someone.

Here’s an update on the timebreaker project so far;

  1. It has nothing in terms of issues surrounding the internal operating systems and softwares. So that’s nice..
  2. Isaac kinda flipped out when I told him he might want to see a doctor for his paranoia, saying, “I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!!” and to be polite, I backed off.
  3. Another person found us, Isaac killed them before they could even think or say anything... I have a feeling I made a mistake letting him help..
  4. The timebreaker has gotten out of the testing stage already.. Isaac really has an idea of what he’s doing..
  5. Isaac has been talking to himself lately, is he just like this? Or is this a warning for something in the future?

  Sorry, I have a lot more to say.. But, Isaac doesn’t like me writing this journal, but, I NEED to write about this so people understand what I went through.

The final day of the AU experiment.

Isaac did something that is definitely not normal.. I found a grave. FULL of bones, and deceased creatures of many varieties, from birds to freaking human corpses. I ran from where we were stationed at the time. And now, Isaac has completed the timebreaker. I know this happened, because his parole officer called me asking if I knew where he was. Or if I knew anyone that would know where he is or was. But, I had no idea of either of those things. He thanked me, and hung up.

I received a letter saying the experiment was successful. But the money was sent to a fake account… under my name.. And the owner closed the account after the money was sent.. Isaac disappeared around the same time.. The timebreaker also disappeared around the time it was discovered to be erased from the file..

I have a feeling that the account was made by Isaac Gold… and that he used ME to escape the police… For good.


The timebreaker has been remade by the NITE SOCIETY ORGANIZATION and has been successful in finding the  original TIMEBREAKER and the general in charge of the investigation is Special agent Watch. I have been trying to locate my former friend since he vanished from Oliver Gold Mental Correctional Facility and Trauma Recovery Center, around 14 years ago. But, This attempt was thought of YEARS ago. Before he was put into the release program, he was already aware he’d pass the tests, he knew each correct answer and when to show them he could talk, and he knew how to build THE TIMEBREAKER during the early days in the penitentiary.. So he had all mapped out for years, setting each event off in a domino effect of reactions. All ending at THE TIMEBREAKER’s creation.

We are tracking him as we speak. Here’s the current situation.

“Sir! Isaac has moved to a nuclear reactor, do we follow?” Agent Damien asks me, and I have to think about this decision, if we proceed, any fire would cause an explosion and kill the immediate living area. Or we could send in Dr. Shade to try to convince him to leave with us. “Affirmative, do not fire, any shots may cause a nuclear explosion. Do you copy?”

“This is Delta-5.” The delta-5 commander says over the radio, and each team slowly follows suit. After each team informs us they’re ready, we give them a run down of the mission. But, Half way through the briefing. In the distance.. BOOM!! CRASH!! BOOM!!!

An explosion rips through the silent air causing the base to shake, the alarm system goes off, causing my ears to begin ringing, which causes my head to erupt into a rage of pain. Making it hard to focus on anything.. “WARNING! WARNING! ENEMY FIRE WITHIN THE BUILDING! ALL PERSONNEL PLEASE GO TO THE DEFENSE BAY IMMEDIATELY!! THIS IS” The PA system plays the prerecorded messages.

I realize the entire team besides Kit, Dr. Shade, and myself are the only survivors. Anyone else was brutally burned to death, some still screaming as the fire scorchs their skin to a crisp. I remember the sadness we felt looking at the still burning remains of our friends.. We had siblings in those ashes.. We ran to the place Isaac said to meet.. But, something was clearly off about Isaac.. But, We couldn’t tell exactly what it was.. We hear his voice, “What took you so long?”

I hear Dr. Shade yell back, "You blew up our building, what else?" before he could say anything else,  Isaac with almost inhuman speed, Knocks out the doctor without issue, "I know what I did to your HQ, What took you so long?" He says, still holding the bat in a defensive stance, "We had a hard time finding you" Kit says, clearly not wanting to get a turn with the darkness of unconsciousness. Isaac seems to believe this for a second, but then out of nowhere, he tries to knock out Kit, but, I had a concealed dart gun, which I immediately pulled out and shot every last round into his chest. I couldn't tell why I gave him so much anesthesia.. But, I knew he wouldn't wake up for… any amount of time, which was actually a very bad thing… Which is when I realized that Dr. Shade was very very dead.. With a clear broken skull..

I grab Kit's hand and pull her towards the door, as teams of Delta-7, Frost-3, and Amber-9 Mobile Task Forces enter the reactor room.. Telling each other to look out for Kit and I..

I thought, "If I'm going to die, Might as well go down with a purpose!" Then I made the worst decision ever, and came out of the hiding spot and started planting explosives on each doorway, and told my girlfriend to run and wait for me outside the town's exit. Which she refused to do.. I told her I'd make it out before anything happened to me.

She reluctantly agreed.. I would not see her for nearly a year.. But, As I sit here holding the now dead body of my only friend.. Wishing I had never been the one to detonate the bombs.. I will end up in jail eventually..

Dear kit…

If you're reading this, I love you… and I will do everything I can to find you again..

     With love, and fear..



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