So, I'm curious - I know it's intentionally ambiguous, but do you think He was really poisoning the narrator, or even existed? I think so - apart from the bubbles that came out of the candy bar, there wasn't anything I saw as proof He existed , and I feel like if that was imaginary he/she would have probably hallucinated more than just that. But... How the hell do I know the comparatively rational parts were 'real'? On the other hand the casual mention of his/her huge stash of meds says otherwise, do you think it's meant to tell us that the narrator has an existing illness (whether mental or physical) causing the vomiting/paranoia? I can't help but wonder if it's just meant to show us that the narrator is a hypochondriac, and that's why he/she can't just go to the authorities about this alleged poisoning.

Also, did anyone *not* assume the narrator was their own gender? Because I love when authors manage that, I couldn't help but imagine I was the narrator - sooooo much more effective than all these 'you do this, you do that, and even though you'd never ever do any of this I insist upon the 2nd person!' pastas. But also so much harder! Congratulations author, you have impressed this lame-ass english major :L I feel so arrogant saying this, but you should be proud, it's rare that I'm this impressed (because, y'know this random chick who can't even get a short story published must be a good judge, you should be so proud).

Final question: how am I this bad at compliments?!

Even more final question: is He real?! This is to the author, because I just can't seem to shake this story out of my head! Please, please, please, I understand you probably don't want to have a conversation in the comments because that would kill the mood, but if you ever read this PLEASE! email me and just tell me, was he real?! I NEED to know! Please! I'm

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