The woods is where I find peace in life. They're big, beautiful, full of sound and ambience. Almost everyday I sit there just to look and listen. Just me and nature, no one to bother us.

Not that there is anyone to bother as I don't live in a big city. Matter of fact, it's barley a town. What was promised to be a new utopia to me and my people is nothing more than a few decedent buildings. No one talks to each other, they rarely leave their houses. Only time everyone gets together is for the funerals, which are becoming more relevant. My house is far out in the outskirts of town, just me and me alone. If there was a competition for being a hermit, I'd be top contender along with the rest of the town. I'll admit though, it gets lonely at times. Besides working, I don't have any hobbies to do besides sitting outside and enjoying the view.

Today was different though. It started off with my daily ritual of relaxing in the woods, until I heard some deer nearby. Not too many deer come around to my neck of the woods, and it always good to see another breathing thing other than you. I got up from my seat and started to creep on them in order to catch a glimpse. They weren't too deep in there, the rustling of leaves gave me a good guess to where they're at. With every light step, they got louder. I wasn't too far from them now. This trek was suddenly halted due to the awful stench that befell upon me. it was rancid, foul like spoiled milk. The deer were now grunting at each other, very loud and in distress. That smell was now strongly burnt into my nose. Maybe they found a fallen elk and are now grieving for it? I don't know but it took a few seconds to regain composure. My sneaking began again, this time though I'd be holding my breath. There were no more grunting or crunching on leaves to be heard anymore, not even breathing. They've gone completely quiet, Did they see me? I peeked around a tree to see if they stared back. I saw no deer, just remains of a boy.

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