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This template is used to credit the author(s) of any work on this wiki that is attributable.


First of all, it should always be put at the bottom of the page, with one blank line between the line directly preceding the template (usually the very last paragraph of the pasta) and the template itself.

Secondly, since this is a fairly versatile template, there are several ways in which to use it.

Method #1
Simply put {{by | Name of author}}, replacing "Name of author" with... well, what do you think? This method of crediting is used under some or all of the following circumstances:
  1. The author is not a CPW user.
  2. You can't find the author's offsite profile which almost certainly doesn't exist (Edgar All Poe, for example, most likely didn't have Internet access) and/or you just don't want to waste hours of your time searching for it.
  3. You can't find a link to the original posting of the story. This could be because it wasn't originally posted on the Internet, or because its origins are too obscure to know where exactly it originated (but not obscure enough to not know who wrote it, somehow).
Method #2
Put {{by | Username of author | user = yes}} if the author is the user who uploaded it or if it is known for a fact that someone who is also a user on here originally wrote it.
The user=yes parameter is important because it won't link to the author's userpage otherwise. It also replaces "Credited to" with "Written by", though that's not as important.
All OC pastas using this template should look like this.
Method #3
Put {{by | Username of author | Author's name/pen name | user = yes}}. This will link to the author's userpage, but the displayed name will be different. This is done when the user is better known by their real name or another pen name than by their username.
For example, if User:Default was really H.P. Lovecraft, you would put {{by | Default | H.P. Lovecraft | user = yes}}.
Method #4
Put {{by | Name of author | link = Name of URL}} (The http:// part of the URL should not be included). The URL can be one of two things: an offsite profile or website of the author, or where the story was originally posted.