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Source Mode

When you're in editor, the default mode is Visual Mode. When you copy/paste something from another document onto the editing window, you want to switch into Source Mode before adding a story, so that only the text of the story is copied-and-pasted to editor. With Visual Mode, both the text and the font/formatting of the original document is copied, which can make for some really bad formatting errors! In your editing preferences, switch the option panel labelled "preferred editor" to "source editor".

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NOTICE: This template is for WIKI STAFF USE ONLY

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Use this on the talk pages of users who submit stories that are badly formatted due to them (apparently) not knowing to switch to source mode before copying-and-pasting stories from another document.
Type {{subst:Sourcemode}} on offending user's talk page followed by four tildes (~~~~) for your signature and timestamp.
Sample output
Put in {{subst:Sourcemode}}~~~~