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The following text was retrieved from what is either a Mother's Day card or a birthday card, which was found dirty, battered, and torn on a bench in Central Park, NYC. Some of the grammar was fixed for its Creepypasta release.

Dear Mommy,

I want to say thank you.

Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for caring for me.

Thank you for giving me food and water.

Thank you for giving me a bed, and toys, and a house.

Thank you for helping me when I was hurt.

Thank you for being nice to me.

Thank you for not hurting me.

Thank you for not giving me spankings for no reason.

Thank you for not being rude to me.

Thank you for not forcing me to eat dog food.

Thank you for not putting me in chains.

Thank you for not locking me up.

Thank you for not making me a slave.


Mommy, if you see the tall man with brown hair and candy, could you please tell him that I want to be with you?

The handwriting was later matched with that of Dani Anderson's, who had been reported missing for six months. Her whereabouts are still unknown, but the NYPD say that her card could be crucial to finding the kidnapper.

As quoted from them, "Such is the way of trafficking."

Written by Postuhenin
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