There is a simple ritual you may preform if you wish to be granted with the ability to see into the future.

You must collect the following items: three cuts of satin fabric, one in white, one in red, and one in black; a handheld mirror; a sheet of paper, and a pencil.

Once you have the materials, go into your bedroom (it must be YOUR room, this is very important) and close the blinds on all of your windows. For best results, this ritual should be done at midnight, however, you can try it at any time of the day and it should work.

Sit on the edge of your bed and take out your handheld mirror. Stare into the eyes of your own reflection and recite the following words: "Give me this gift in exchange for my sacrifice."

Once you are done, place the sheet of paper over the mirror and visualize a single eye, open wide. Sketch this onto the center of your paper.

Take out your three satin cloths and lay them down beside you. Before lifting your sketch from the mirror, say, "The wide eye sees all."

Now you may remove the paper from the mirror. An engraving of the picture is now cut into the mirror's surface. Close your eyes and visualize the Wide Eye in your mind.

It will slowly blink once. You will feel a shiver up your spine.

It will blink twice. You will hear faint whispers in your ear. Do not open your eyes.

It will blink three times. You will feel the air around you go completely cold.

Without opening your eyes, repeat, "Give me this gift in exchange for my sacrifice."

Now you may open your eyes. Look down into the mirror and you will see a pale girl's face over your own reflection. Do not stare into her eyes for longer than 20 seconds. Put the mirror down and take the black satin cloth, then lay it over the surface.

Say, "Your gift."

Next, take the red cloth and lay it over the black one. Say, "My sacrifice."

Place the white cloth over the red one and say, "It is done."

You will immediately hear a faint mutter in your left ear. Do not touch the mirror again. Leave it where you placed it, step out of your room and close the door behind you.

The next day, you will have the ability to foresee the future. However, such things do not come without a price: every hour of every day for the rest of your life, you will always hear a constant mutter in your left ear, telling you the date of your death.

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