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It was the day of July 1, 1998. My friends and I were on a boy scouts camping trip for the 4th of July to go set off fireworks. It was your usual camping trip, except on the 4th of July. That's when I got the "Aliso" tape in my hands.

We were looking for a location to set the fireall of our fireworks equipment. We couldn't set off the fireworks in the area we were sleeping at because of the treeline.

It was probably the worst three hours of my life. I was tired and exhausted for walking for so long. This wasn't fun at all; just imagine hiking for three hours nonstop and looking and passing by trees, but there was one thing, that immediately made my friends and I jump in excitement. We saw an old abandoned house.

We were around twelve to fourteen at the time so naturally we loved scary movies. We figured that the abandoned house would be "haunted.and he was very interested in going inside of it too.

So we went in. The house was probably abandoned ten or twenty years ago, and looked like a builearthquake. We walked inside the house, but it was not empty as expected, not empty at all. It looked as if people had evacuated it and left all their old belongings behind. There were toys on the ground and food in the pantry and a no longer functional refrigerator. That sounds kind of disgusting, but as a twelve year old boy I thoughBut, I too think this was pretty scary. In our group I was always the last one to walk inside the rooms of the house, but I

Just for you guys, I uploaded the video to YouTube for your entertainment.
Here's just some 90's footage of me with the tape.
For even more information. \

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