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Author's note: More explanation into the creature's teleportation ability is planned.

Beginning in the fall of 2004, there were several reports from the state of Alaska and nearby areas in Canada of a being (a woman, based on descriptions from those involved in the incidents) that would cause people to become submissive (those who would seem to be the toughest, strongest person in an area more than others) and then force them to terminate the lives of loved ones and then themselves.

It seems that the creature also had the ability to, on command, only be visible to certain people, along with being able to teleport, although because of this, it seems odd that the creature only worked in a single area.

At the scenes of the murders, oddly enough, it always seemed that the only wound on the submissive man or woman was on the neck. However, once an autopsy was completed, it always seemed that there were internal wounds, but never any signs of them on the body aside from internal signs.

In one instance, it seems a survivor did witness the figure, who she described as a dirty blonde, long-haired, pale white woman, in her early 20's, wearing a white fox-like mask with a white cloak and grey flowers spread on said cloak. However, the figure's lower half was hidden by a barrier, so a description of that part could not be determined.

Interestingly enough, it seems that in the months before the murders began, in surrounding towns, there seemed to be a white fox in the area, seen while hunting. It had two odd, pale green stripes down its head, with the animal sometimes standing in one area for hours on end. If the being evolved from the creature, it is hard to say.

The case has not been solved, with murders seemingly ending altogether in April 2005. However, some private investigators believe the murders may have continued all the way up to December 2012 along the west coast of the United States.

The creature has not yet been explained, and no reliable theories have been offered about its creation.

Victim Report of October 14th incident (transcript)

"While preparing for a hunt along with my brother and father, at, I would like to say, around 3 in the afternoon, we heard a sudden popping sound, similar to the sound of a pistol going off, behind bushes in the distance. When we looked a little harder, we saw a white creature emerge from the bush. At the time, we believed it to be either a fellow hunter on a hunt, or an animal who had been shot at. My father and brother went to investigate, staying a few feet away to not risk their lives. It seems that my father figured out that it did seem to be a human, however, it seemed my father was still weary or my brother was, because my brother stayed behind while my father went to confront the creature.

It was difficult to see exactly what my father was discussing, but after about 2 or 3 minutes, my father stepped back from behind the bush. He walked over to my brother and it seemed they were walking back, when my father, who was carrying a rifle due to us preparing for a hunt, aimed and fired it at my brother, with him falling to the ground. Once I realized what had occurred, I attempted to run back home, but my father shot me in the leg. I heard someone, probably my father. It came from behind and I did not get a good view of it. I believe he was attempting to kill me. However, I heard my mother scream as she saw my brother lying on the ground, and my father stepped over to her, which probably saved my life. I was able to see her in my peripheral, and I believe a shot to the heart killed her instantly. I was praying, preparing to be killed, when I heard a small click and then about 4-5 coughs, sounding like they came from my father, and then silence."

The survivor's name has been kept anonymous for privacy reasons.

List of Confirmed Incidents Relating to the Creature

  • Chicken, Alaska. September 29th 2004. Fatalities: 4
  • Koidern, Yukon. October 3rd 2004. Fatalities: 3
  • Slana, Alaska. October 14th 2004. Fatalities: 3, Wounded: 1
  • Beaver Creek, Yukon. October 20th 2004. Fatalities: 2
  • Tanacross, Alaska. November 1st 2004. Fatalities: 5
  • Tetlin, Alaska. November 21st 2004. Fatalities: 4
  • Northway Junction, Alaska. December 27th 2004. Fatalities: 8
  • Yakutat, Alaska. April 11th 2005. Fatalities: 6

Incidents Theorized to Have Been Caused By the Creature

Although the official list of incidents ends in April 2005, some believe it extends farther then that, due to the fact that witnesses of certain murders after the 2004-2005 murders give similar descriptions of events they viewed soon before the murders began. However, the authorities have never looked into these theories, thinking of them as simply "coincidences". There has been strong public support to look into these theories however.

Full Description of the Creature

The "creature" is extremely thin, inhumanly thin, to the point of being able to seemingly hide behind objects like street poles if she was required to, with near ease at certain positions. It has dirty blonde, long hair, a little past its shoulders. The creature also has pale white skin, a fair skin tone, however much lighter. The most distinguished part of its face is the white fox-like Kitsune mask. At times, for unexplained reasons, it can either be completely blank, white with black accents, or white with pale green accents.

The only non-covered part of its face are its eyes, which have seemingly dark or black irises, and its mouth. It wears a white cloak that does not include a hood, rather, a collar. It also goes to about the length of shorts and is decorated with grey roses and pale green vines. It also wears white winter gloves, presumably so it has no possibility of being detected if evidence is left behind, or to protect itself from the frigid air of Alaska, leading to the idea that climate can affect it. Also, it wears long, white, wool stockings that go up to its hips, however, the feet-covering sections are gone, leading to the idea that it either can't be injured (due to the amounts of sticks and rocks that it has to be walking on in that area), or it may be injured, but does not feel pain, so does not mind it.