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At the bottom of a fifty metre high glacier, exactly two kilometres from Antarctica, lies the frozen remains of a long-forgotten civilization. The exact location of the glacier is unknown, only that it is two kilometres from the shore of Antarctica.

Upon finding said glacier, one is to approach it on the snowbank and touch the side of the ice with the palm of their hand. The important thing here is to touch it with your bare skin. If you hold your hand on the ice for 5 minutes and then speak the words, "I see and believe," you will seemingly disappear from existence, your whole life erased from memory and transcripts.

What happens next? You are in a rather swanky 1980's cocktail bar, but there are a few stipulations. You must live the next fifty years in this bar. You are granted five free drinks from the bartender and no more. If you attempt to break the quota of free drinks, you are immediately executed on the spot by the rather brawny bouncers. If you manage to wait the whole fifty years, you will reappear in your original life and be granted one single wish, which you must take immediately on your return.

Needless to say, very few have actually waited the fifty years.