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Okay, before I tell you about what just happened, allow me to give you some context. I don’t feel comfortable with random people knowing my name, so you can call me D. I work for the research division of a company that I won’t give the name of (privacy reasons). The team that I work with does experiments to test how much influence audio triggers can have on the mind. One such experiment was The Audio Induced Retentive Image Experiment. It was a test where a sequence of beeps and noises were played, each stimulating a certain part of the mind to see if we could cause the one listening to retain an image of a person that we showed them, to the point that they would see that person in their dreams. Once we figured out the correct audio triggers that activated the necessary parts of the brain, our next few trials were successful, as the image of that person was stored in the test subject’s subconscious mind.

The reason I’m talking about this confidential research is because someone, somehow found out about the audio cues we used in the experiment and posted a video online with the triggers in it. The only difference from our experiment is that they replaced the image of the person with a creepy, disturbing image, thereby causing those watching the video to see the new image in their dreams.

I think one of the researchers on my team did this as some kind of joke, so I’m in the middle investigating this right now. I left the link to the video here if you want to watch it, although I do want to warn you that you will see the new image in your dreams for at least the next 3-7 days. I would also ask that you do not take the audio triggers from the video and add other disturbing imagery to cause others to have nightmares. This was not what our research was meant for, and I do not want this joke to be carried any further.

If you do decide to watch the video, then let me know if it worked, as we have not completed that many successful trials as of now and it would be valuable data to collect. One more thing. The audio cues work best if the video is viewed with headphones, in a dark room (so there is less visual sensory stimulation in the brain), and right before the subject goes to sleep, so for the best results I would recommend watching it under these conditions.