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The Babylon Logs, also known as The Babylonian Scrolls, were a series of texts which were recovered from 1955 – 2008. The texts were made up of multiple different volumes of which were found in different geographical locations that spanned continents. The logs were dated back at least two thousand years.

There are seven overall volumes of the logs but as of now, only five volumes were ever recovered. The finders of these logs all ended up dead. Most committed suicide and were found in the most disturbing positions. The others went missing. They still have not been found.

One of the remaining two volumes is rumored to be located within the Vatican’s Secret Archive, however, one must require explicit approval to enter the library and even then, outsiders are barred from browsing the full extent of the archives. Researchers are baffled as to where the other volume could be located. They theorize it may be on the Australian continent. The last two texts’ whereabouts are still unknown to this day.

What was even more baffling was that although the volumes’ parchment and ink were dated back to the same time period, the volumes were written in the language relative to the geographical location of which they were found. This is impossible as most of the languages simply did not exist during the period of the scrolls' creation. This has forced many scholars to question the authenticity of the scrolls.

The Collection

Volume 2 "The Almanac": October 1st 1955.[]

Found hidden in an air pocket under volcanic rock during the construction of the McMurdo Station on the south tip of Ross Island, Antarctica.

Volume 1 "The Ivory Law": August 15th 1960.[]

Buried under El Tio's feet within the Cerro Rico Mines, Bolivia, South America.

Volume 4 "The Material Map": May 26th 1981.[]

Unearthed at an unmarked grave on Roanoke Island, United States, North America.

Volume 7 "The Obituary": September 11th 2001.[]

Looted from a previously unopened tomb located in Tuna al-Gabal, Egypt, Africa.

Volume 5 "The Pure Genre": February 29th 2008.[]

Stolen from the library of the Drepung Monastery located at the foot of Mount Gephel in Tibet, China, Asia.


The logs are transcribed and translated online for ease of access to anyone who wants to read. Make of them what you will as no one has yet to piece together what they mean which is made even more difficult due to the two missing volumes. The quality of the scrolls have severely impacted readability in some volumes.


8/15/1960 | Volume 1 – The Ivory Law[]

The years set in stone shall conceive only pain. Strongholds will burn.

Cottages will burn as well as their shiny, silver variants. The truly

exalted [illegible] terror upon its citizens. Skin shall be rendered

crispy and charred, revealing deposits of ivory powder that contain

fractures of brittle stone. The eyes of the witnesses [illegible] beyond

recognition as the ultimate debt. Manic pleas will fall on deaf ears as

the jaw contorts. [Illegible] ripped at the joints. [Illegible] consume

the trinity marked for death. Teeth will be placed in rows, perfect

circles. Their tongues [illegible] for centuries. The false king shall have

his crown of gold. The weight of his lies shall melt into the cranium,

fusing the minerals to his organs in order to clasp his soul. The gates of

Babylonia will close, locking its [illegible]. The children will writhe in

the streets from fear as their parents are snatched. The exalted

shall laugh as the parents are rounded into the center to be torched.

Those children will be made to walk over the scalding rocks, defiling

the temples of their kin until their screams satisfy the exalted.

10/1/1955 | Volume 2 – The Almanac[]

- A stark drought on the eve of the 535th solstice.

Citizens fled towards the coasts in search of nourishment. Many a

village were raided and the women taken. The women bore disfigured

children. The exalted required their spawn to be sacrificed.

- A plague as dark as tar exited the orifices of victims for decades.

Excrement perverted the streets, attracting rats to feast in droves.

Veins bulged and blackened under pale skin. Legs swelled and fingers

decayed, unveiling bone at the tips.

- Fools sailed across the reservoirs, disturbing the children of the land

and bringing with them disease and suffering. The heralds of the new

world preached sacred texts now poisoned for centuries. The exalted

shall pursue reparations for the destruction caused for only he is


- The descendants of these tyrants paid greatly for their forefathers’

misdeeds which resulted in countless wars, famine and the rise of

the new enemy that resides in the [illegible] accessible to [Illegible].

This intermission precedes the final act, authored by the exalted.





diminished to cloak the expanse in eternal darkness.

5/26/1981 | Volume 4 – The Material Map[]

The exalted uses the flesh domain to engage his disciples. The

master is the rain and he is the sea. He is the stars as well as the

night. Virgins [Illegible] required and rounded around the catalyst.

When the cracking of bone is heard, ignore the screams of the virgins.

They were made to suffer. His entrance will be grand and awaited

by the children of the land who limp with charred feet.

The prime candidate of whom is with child shall consume her offspring. The

remains will be cast into the wild for the creatures to feast. No human

should dare consume the tainted flesh of the deceased for their skin will

crumble from their bones as their soul is thrown into damnation.

The flaunting of riches shall infect the mind but make no mistake, these

visions [illegible] otherwise he shall condemn the traitor and his clan to

reside within the atmosphere, forever out of sight.

2/29/2008 | Volume 5 – The Pure Genre[]

When the punishment has ceased, the affected shall be cleansed with

pure blood. He will round up the children from the streets and grasp

the innocent. He shall pour their offering into the stomachs of the

tortured. This is his gift to us. [Illegible] shall be paid in full.



Wearing rings of [illegible] shall convey peace to the exalted. He is the

judge, the jury and the executioner. [Illegible] your case in the royal

court where berries grow fruitfully. The devil’s fruit. The women that

challenge the beauty of these fruits shall have their luscious hair

ripped directly from the scalp. They shall be rendered barren and cursed to

be ridiculed by men. The souls of the false kings shall caress their

ears for a lifetime. Acknowledging the lies that these idols tell will drive

these women to madness.





The souls that these tainted women steal shall permeate the pure blood court, leaking into the land leased by the




9/11/2001 | Volume 7 – The Obituary[]

The exalted shall release his fifteen heralds of anarchy for the first

chapter of his gospel. Their legacy shall precede them for decades

and centuries.

N 12.15.37

G.K 8.18.1227

V.III 12.[Illegible].1476

C.C 5.20.1506

I.IV.V 3.18.1584

M.F.M.I.R 7.28.1794

L.II 12.17.1909

A.H 4.20.1945

[Illegible] 9.9.1976

S.R.M.K 6.3.1989

K.I.S 7.8.1994

P.P [Illegible].[Illegible].1998

I.A.D.O 8.16.2003

S.H.A.A.M.A.T 12.30.2006

D.J.T 3.25.2036

The first act as it is written has been set in stone [Illegible] follow shortly after. He shall be [Illegible]