Blue pendant

You are walking back to your dorm after working the four to midnight shift. The silence makes you feel uneasy, but your car broke down the day before and your roommate was out of town for the weekend, so you couldn't use hers. To break the silence you start to sing your favorite song... badly, but it at least broke the silence.

You stop when you hear a rustle in the trees. You turn, ready to fight, when you notice something gleaming in the shadows. You walk to it and smile. It was a beautiful pendant. You pick it up. It was a midnight blue and shown beautifully in the light of the full moon.

You try it on and decide to keep the treasure. You walk about two more blocks and you hear someone say something like, "So, beautiful..."

You turn, but no one is there. You start to walk a little faster and pretty soon, full out run. You hear more rustling behind you, and you turn to see something crawl out of the bushes. Three creatures crawl out and start to crowd behind you. They looked like they used to be human, but their skin and chunks of flesh had been eaten off.

After staring each other down for what seems like an eternity, the leader finally says to you, "So beautiful... get the pendant and the one it has chosen."

You scream and run. You quickly lose them in an alley and jump behind a dumpster. You feel for the clasp to the necklace, but it completely disappeared. You look around and see a pair of wire cutters next to you. You try to cut off the cursed object but fail. You throw down the tool and turn to run, but you see that the creatures have found you. With nowhere to go, you begin to cry and pray as they eat you. You go into a deep sleep.

When you wake up, you pray it was a dream, but when you look down, your skin is missing and part of your flesh is eaten. You see that the pendant is in your lap, and you cry. You are one of them, and you are hungry. You see another girl walking down the street, drunk from the bar.

"Give her the beautiful pendant..." a creature that was behind you said. You sneak along and place the pendant so the girl can see.

"Soooooooon..." you hiss to yourself. "The pendant will allow me to feast too..."

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