We have all had our fears. Some people get over them, others don't. Saying that you will never be afraid is a lie that many say in order to hide the fact that they are. I wasn't always afraid of this thing. I had common fears like how people think of me and it didn't help that I could find ways to make an ass of myself. I guess I'll tell you why he frightens me: It is because I know what he will do, who is first, and that I am last.

It's difficult to describe him other than how I can at the moment: He is pure anger and death in one form that wants vengeance over humanity for what they have done to him. Rather, for what they done to us.

It's funny to think this all started with one simple object. That damn marker... now I wish I had it with me. Now I could have given myself answers... or it could have made it worse...

Now that possessed piece of shit is where it should be; rotting in a landfill. Good fucking riddance.

I used to think the only way out that in, which they could live, was a bullet to the brain. Now, I think that there are other options. I now know how it will end. He will die. I won't allow him to harm them. He shall not harm her and if he tries, then nothing can save him. This is my life, not his, not anymore.

I don't know how to kill him, but that doesn't mean I won't try. The marker was just the first, he is trying to spread his power. I have to find the rest...I have to. I need all of them to kill him. If you find any objects that fit the descriptions below, please contact me.

The objects will have these following traits:

  • Heavier than normal.
  • Sudden increase in anger occurs when held.
  • Unwilling to let go of or lose said object.
  • Obsession with said object.
  • Increase in violent thoughts or actions when said object is held.
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