Amelia Earheart

Amelia Earheart

The Bermuda Triangle has been reported to have been a strange location where many aircraft or surface vessels strangely disappeared. Amelia Earheart (Far right) was a famous female pilot. On her trip around the globe, she gave out many reports along the way. Suddenly, The reports stopped and she disappeared. She was never found. Another famous BTE (Bermuda Triangle Event) also occurred with the 'USS Cyclops'. This vessel was crossing through the Bermuda Triangle when suddenly, all radios from the vessel to any outside radios were jammed. The USS Cyclops disappeared. None of the crew have been found.

The government of the U.S.A. have tried to cover these stories up, and the many suspicions that followed with a simple sentence "What has happened in the Bermuda Triangle region can also happen in any other place of the ocean. Although this was said, people still continued to disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. In 1998, a commercial plane, flying from Miami to San Puerto Rico disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Nothing was ever found.

Many have thought that the Bermuda Triangle is an inhabitant area for what we call "Extra-Terrestrials" or, Aliens. Others say that the Devil has his "gate" there.

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Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

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