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This is the dream of someone I once met on a popular gaming site called Newgrounds. Here is the dream in his own words.

I had a dream once, except I was a bird. I stood perched on the tallest oak, wings spread wide, I saw myself not through MY eyes, but I was seeing through a hiker's eyes, I knew I was the bird and not the hiker because of how the bird moved, I controlled it with my heart. The hiker did not see me, yet I saw us both, some how, I saw what was my soul in a mere mortal body, A BIRD, and I saw my mind in the form of a soul, THE HIKER. I awoke to feel a warm wind on my head and a horrible chill on my chest, After entering the bathroom for some mind leveling medicine fearing I was going insane, I saw a much more terrifying sight in the mirror, my eyes turned a burning shade of red and they still remain that way to this day, That dream was 14 years ago.

And here it is, rewritten, with his permission.

I had a dream once.

I was a bird.

I was perched high on the tallest oak, wings spread wide, in a large forest on the side of a mountain popular with people. In this dream, I saw not through my (the bird's) own eyes, but through the eyes of a large passing-by hiker. The reason I knew that I was the bird, not the hiker who I saw myself through, was that because I physically controlled the bird - directly. With my mind and my heart. The hiker did not see me, but I saw myself through his eyes - as trippy as that sounds. I saw my own soul, in a common mortal body. That of a bird. But my mind, in the form of a human, this hiker. After a quick snapping sound, and the hiker turning to face my body as the bird, I suddenly awoke.

There was a quick and brutal warmth brushing upon my face as I sat up, cold sweat and a horrible chill ripping down my chest into my ribs and lungs. I came into the bathroom so I could get some aspirin, ibuprofen, penicillin, anything to get rid of that awful, nauseating headache - But I then saw myself, in the mirror of the medicine cabinet. My eyes burned a deep, low shade of red, embedded in my regularly hazel iris - just a small ring, wrapped around my pupils. They remain that way, a wonder to those who stare deep into my eyes. That night was just over fourteen years ago.