One hot summer's afternoon, my mom threw me outside. So I did, and I brought some food out with me. Not a big deal, just come back in 30. To my annoyance, some scrub-jays started to caw right above me. That was annoying and all, but I didn't let that get me down. I was a bit confused, how could there be this many birds at 3:00? I dismissed it as some nature thing. More and more birds started giving me the evil eye, so I retreated to the hammock by the neighbor's wall. It was a little dirty, but a good shake should clean it right up.

A few minutes after lying down and eating my food, I noticed a small sparrow. It looked like any other sparrow, but something was off about it. It was gray and miserable looking. Its eyes were sunken and dead. I'd assume it had died and move somewhere else, but it was standing up. Weird. It was even still alive, too. I wanted to walk away, but I was intrigued.

I grabbed the longest stick I could find, and gave the bird one small, poke. At first, it still didn't move, but then, my world went black for a second. I saw a horrific visage of my family dead and birds greedily eating their remains. I dropped the stick and ran.

I had to go to the bathroom, and when I did, I opened the window just enough for me to see the hammock. To no surprise, the bird was still there. I saw another vision, this time a bird was dead, its body ripped open and its organ juices spilling all over. Its eyeballs were rolling on the ground, out of its head. I freaked out and had the need to vomit.

I knew that the bird was linking to my visions, so I grabbed my dad's rifle. He had taught me how to use it a few years ago, so I knew what I was doing. I strode up to it, and fired three times. Blood splattered all over the trees and grass. I stared at the remains. The feathers, bones, and flesh were a pulpy scattered mess. But one thing stood out. Its heart. A black, lumpy, rock. I touched it, this time with my bare hands. It felt so impure, so evil. I threw it against the wall, and it exploded into an ugly splat.

The day my family was brutally slaughtered by a mysterious creature was the day I realized something. That figure dropped black blood. Black blood can only come... from a black heart.

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