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My grandma fell down last year and had to spend time in a nursing home. While she was gone, I was cleaning up old shit she had accumulated around the house so she could get around better, and mom and I could find any important papers.

I found an old (Not really old, like 80′s or 90′s.) black and white slide. It was of some guy laying in a coffin. Dead, of course. I thought it was creepy because he looked like me.

I asked my mom if she knew who it was. She said, “It’s you.” (She was joking.) Then she looked at it and her eyes got huge and she started crying and hugged me and said she was sorry she made that joke. I said, “It doesn’t look like anyone BUT me, does it?” and she said, “No, it really doesn't.”

Grandma doesn’t remember anything about the slide. I still have it. I shit you not… It looks like me. Just like me.