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There is rumor of a great palace found deep in the deserts in Egypt. A massive complex of four thousand rooms protects the single most prized possession of ancient Egypt: the Blood Mirror.

It is said every thousand years, a great hero of mankind must make his way down to this mirror, and stand before it in pitch blackness at 18:6 June 6 (6/6 – at 6:66) and behold their own death. Their own image appears to slowly distort, letting out a horrible silent scream as their teeth and skin melt away, leaving streams of blood to run down the mirror and pool at the bottom.

Gazing into this pool of blood on the other side of the mirror of their own blood will allow them to view the Antichrist’s birthplace, which they will then scream out in horrible screams of pain for an hour and six minutes, before their heart stops.

If the Antichrist isn’t stopped, all of mankind is doomed to an even worse fate.

it has been exactly 940 years from June 6 since this last happened, the next date is 2066, but the location has been lost. The hero will find this place, but we must be there to hear his screams, or we are lost...