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A mother asked her son to buy some meat for supper. So the boy went to the butcher and asked for some meat, but they were out of stock, so the boy went home empty-handed. They were very poor, since the boy's father had died. His mother was furious, but told him to get whatever he could find in the garden. The boy was searching when his hand wrapped around something round and hard. He pulled it out, revealing a toe. He shrugged and decided to put it into the stew. They ate their supper and the boy received the toe in his supper.

Later that night when the boy's mother went out, he decided to go to bed, when he heard a voice.

"I'm going to get you", an unfamiliar voice said.

The boy lay still for a moment and then went back to sleep, but was woken again by the voice, "I'm in your kitchen. I'm going to get you". He heard the sound of the tapping of someone's feet.

He hid under the blankets as he shivered. "I'm at your bedroom door. I'm going to get you." He shrieked as he heard his bedroom door open and crawled under the bed. He covered his mouth; the smell of rotting was unbelievable, like a million rotting corpses. In front of him, he saw two rotting feet, one missing a toe.

"I'm going to get you NOW!"