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This is my first creepypasta I've made, so please give feedback and tips. Thanks!

It was, unlike other nights in Olympia, Washington, quite bright outside. Usually this would have been expected for the summer. However, it was the middle of winter and Raiden wanted no part of the cold. There wasn't much to do, considering it didn't snow as much here as it did in Canada.

He looked out the window, eyes caught by the twinkling stars in the night. There was no way in hell so many bright lights could exist, but there they were, existing all the same.

Raiden stiffled a sigh. Of course, it was midnight, but he never gave much thought to the time of day. He didn't feel tired, and therefore didn't give a fuck about sleeping. Raiden doubted anyone would. Then again, this was coming out of someone who had decided to drink 2 cups of coffee around 10 PM.

A strange sound brought Raiden to attention. A squeaking noise, like wet shoes on smooth tile. It was surprisingly loud, and seemed to echo through the house.

"Hello?" Raiden called. Besides him, the house was empty. Or, at least, he thought so.

The noise abruptly cut off. The house was silent except for Raiden's breathing.

A sudden wisp of blue mist slid under the door, illuminating the hardwood floor. Raiden froze, fear eating at him.

"What the hell are you!" he screamed. "Get away from me!"

The mist moved closer. Raiden couldn't move. He was paralyzed by fear.

The blue glow faded, and the light from the digital clock went along with it. Raiden was cloaked in shadow. He scrambled to his nightstand, trying to find his pocket knife.

A new glow, this time brighter than before, shone behind the human. He turned around. A glowing, blue talon was wrapped around the door. One more came. Then another. Soon, an entire five claws were poking through a seemingly impossible space.

The claws reached out, revealing a wrist. They wrapped around the doorknob, and twisted. Raiden let out a small squeal and grabbed the nearest object - a book of considerable size.

The door opened.

There was nothing but blackness, and two blue eyes with slitted pupils.

The eyes flashed, and blue flooded Raiden's eyes. Then everything was black.

There was no heartbeat. No breath. No movement.

The eyes simply disappeared, leaving Raiden's dead body to rot.

Written by KealantheDeer
Content is available under CC BY-SA