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Somewhere in the heartland of America, resting in a comforting mess of old shops, is a dingy antique bookstore. If you knock on the door or rattle the doorknob, the owner will refuse to answer. Repeated actions might make him yell out "CLOSED!" However, he will still not open the door.

This is how he weeds out the ordinary customers.

Go to the bookstore with an old book and a golden pin in your left hand. Prick your right ring finger with the pin and write on the front window "I have a book" with your blood.

It doesn't matter how small the prick is; enough blood will come out for the message. The owner will open the door for you. He is a small, wiry man with a hunchback and one glaring glass eye. He will favor you with a crooked grin and tell you that in exchange for the book you hold, you may take one book away with you.

Should you peruse the shop, you will find a book. This book will change your life to what you want it to be. Be warned: Not all the books are as helpful as they appear on the surface. None of them reveal how to change your life by non-ritual means.

Written by TDKMC1
Content is available under CC BY-SA