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October 3, 2010

<poem> lordtundry8 joined the chatroom.

lordtundry8: yooo anyone from MHS Class of '98?

missespetals: right here! Omg please tell me you remember Mr. Higgin's unusual stench of urinal cakes....

rogernator12: ayyy I'm class of '97 but still close.... anyways who else loves that vending machine in front of the Johnson's Orchard Supply?

lordtundry8: xD omg petals yes!!! The guys would tease him by unzipping their zippers whenever he would pass by lol and rogernator I don't really buy trees but I heard it gives you more change than the correct amount?

a7xlover66 joined the chatroom.

a7xlover66: anyone love flapjacks?

missespetals: omg lmao poor Mr. Higgins! xD And A7Xlover right here!

a7xlover66: okay next question, do you like waffles?

coldballs300: don't tell me this is about the current debate on waffles vs. flapjacks..... I'm #teamwaffle all the way to be honest. The texture of the waffle will always be triumphant.

a7xlover66: lol yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This chatroom is awesome

missespetals: what?! Eww no #teamflapjack till the end!! You guys need to stick to an original.

a7xlover66 left the chatroom.

ponyboy225 joined the chatroom.

ponyboy225: hey y’all, I was reading your conversation prior to me joining just now and you guys are exactly the people I’m looking for...

ponyboy225: does anyone remember when that one children's restaurant/playhouse/arcade on Linnerman Street was still open?

lordtundry8: #teamflapjack and it's the abandoned building next to the antiques store now, pony boy?

rogernator12: #teamflapjack as well lol and I do!!!! It was called The Bubble Bros. Happy-Happy Funhouse! I still remember their theme song I think

coldballs300: "when someone makes you sad-sad! or if they even make you mad-mad! this place will make you glad-glad! the arcade is really rad-rad! (I forgot this line) HEAD ON OVER TO THE BUBBLE BROS. HAPPY-HAPPY FUNHOUSE" Haha.

ponyboy225: dude, a ton of memories just rushed into my head once I read that. But the part you missed had something to do with the pizza, am I right?

missespetals: oh yeah!!!!!!! "The pizza's not that bad-bad!" Lolol and my mom would take me whenever I begged her, I loved the arcade... who owned the place again?

lordtundry8: yo cold balls you also forgot the part at the end when one of the clowns say "you won't regret it" at the end hahaha dude but you just brought back so much memories with that little jingle! And they were brothers remember, they were the main clowns because that was the theme of the restaurant?

rogernator12: MR. CHUCKLES & MR. GIGGLES Yooooooo omg And yeah the commercial was weird af lol

lordtundry8: yesssss!

missespetals: OH YEAH HUH omg I remember they used to creep me out for some odd reason. I think it was what they wore and their makeup

ponyboy225: refresh my memory on their wardrobe, I don't seem to remember....

rogernator12: okay, Mr. Chuckles: he was the short and fat one, so he wore the yellow rubber suspenders that only reached until about his shin. Only about an inch of his leg was exposed, then followed the rainbow-colored long socks and huge brown shoes, he had that burgundy long sleeve undershirt with the little pocket on the right side which would be covering the top half of his body. The icing on the cake was his little rainbow-colored propeller hat and the red and white makeup which did not go well with his wrinkles if I must add. Lol

Mr. Giggles: ummm I actually forgot how he looked like lol (chuckles was my favorite so that's why I know so much about him), would someone care to chime in with details

missespetals: I gotchu rogernator. (: good thing I have my photographic memory. :p

Mr. Giggles: he was the tall and skinny one, he wore that colorful rainbow-striped onesie that had those overly exaggerated large red cotton balls for buttons. His huge red rubber boots with yellow laces had to be like size 16, and the Disney-status white gloves complemented the whole outfit. He didn't wear a hat, it was just a rainbow colored Afro which was kinda awesome. Lol

coldballs300: xD you forgot that giggles also wore a jester's headpiece! And by the way, I used to call them the dynamic duo, aha.

missespetals: well I've never seen him wearing that headpiece :( sounds cute

rogernator12: I've never seen him with the headpiece either

ponyboy225: ........ shit it was them then.

lordtundry8: ????

rogernator12: who was them?

ponyboy225: Mr. Chuckles and Mr. Giggles..... this is gonna sound a bit strange, but they were in my fucking dream last night.

missespetals: ???? Wtf lol

lordtundry8: ???? Explain

ponyboy225: ikr.

rogernator12: well you do know dreams are just collective memories from your subconscious that pop up when you sleep. Your subconscious probably decided to go old school today.

lordtundry8: true

ponyboy225: nah man. This dream was different. First of all, I was more lucid in this dream than any other dream I've ever had. The fucking Bubble Bros. were there the whole time, staring at me. First I was at my aunties house in Michigan, they were there. Then at the Miltonville Auto Mall. They were there. The last thing I remember from my dream was me talking to the chemistry professor from college, they were the only ones sitting in the desks. Giggles was holding a red balloon. Chuckles was always waving at me. Huge smiles. Every single time.

missespetals: can I add that you have some crazy dreams lol I'm usually just in one place and then I wake up rotfl

missespetals: no but yeah that's strange :| but i'm pretty sure it was a coincidence

coldballs300: well it's not that rare when one memory stays when a setting shifts, but if the dream seems to repeat itself, that's when there's a problem lol

rogernator12: .......... Wait now that I think about it, I also had a dream about them

rogernator12: but I thought they were just random clowns and I was having a nightmare

rogernator: holy shit this is hitting me so fast now

lordtundry8: ???????

missespetals: wait what?????

coldballs300: what do you mean rogernator?

rogernator12: I thought it was just some strange coincidence..... I didn't mention it earlier since I forgot about the dream until ponyboy explained his dream. I've had the Bubble Bros. stalk one of my dreams as well.

missespetals: okay wtf

a7xlover66 joined the chatroom.

a7xlover66: I'm so glad I came back on lol this is some creepy shit

lordtundry8: ....... okay now I'm spooked

coldballs300: I'm going to admit that it is a bit strange but it can still be a coincidence

rogernator12: idk coldballs, they were wearing the same clothes and I remember being at my childhood home across town. They were there near the entrance of Kinberry Woods, Giggles was holding the same red balloon and Chuckles was waving at me. Then I was in the downtown theatre with my high school sweetheart, and they were there sitting a couple rows away from me. Staring straight at us. Their wrinkled faces with that poorly applied makeup made me cringe even though it was a dream. Their unnatural grins didn't make things better. Then my wife woke me up to go to work and I ignored it since I thought it was nothing.

coldballs300: okay I actually don't have a rational explanation for why the both of you had the Bubble Bros. in both your dreams wearing the same things and doing the same actions.... maybe you guys both passed by the abandoned lot which rekindled old memories?

rogernator12: I haven't even been in that part of town for about 5 months I think.

ponyboy225: I don't even live in Miltonville anymore. Last time I was there was Christmas at my parents last year. And even then I didn't pass by the lot.

lordtundry8: ...okay is one of you actually Stephen King trying to fuck with us because this sounds like something straight from a horror novel

missespetals: I kinda regret checking this chatroom out now haha what the hell, this is getting weird

a7xlover66: this is awesome

rogernator12: ikr. Anyways I'm gonna catch some z's, I work early in the morning but if anything weird comes up again I'll hit this chatroom once more.

rogernator12 left the chatroom.

ponyboy225: same here. Gn guys

ponyboy225 left the chatroom.

missespetals: goodnight!

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coldballs300: while you guys go to sleep I'm going to look into these clowns a bit deeper. Gn guys

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                October 10, 2010

sadbadrad: either way the Green Tailed Yurolis can only be found in Kinberry Woods which outlines most of Miltonville's East Side

pollythebirdwatcher: I thought they could be found all throughout the state of Minnesota :( oh well

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lordtundry8 joined the chatroom.

lordtundry8: anyone from the Bubble Bros. chat last week online????

lordtundry8: c'mon I need to talk to you guys asap

sadbadrad left the chatroom.

missespetals joined the chatroom.

missespetals: yo I'm here what's up?

missespetals: good thing I turned on the notifications for this chatroom

ponyboy225 joined the chatroom.

ponyboy225: I turned them on too, just in case I saw one of your names pop up again. What's up man?

lordtundry8: I had a dream. I had a fucking dream about those two sons of bitches fuck

lordtundry8: this has to be some kind of huge coincidence I swear this can't be real

rogernator12 has joined the chatroom.

rogernator12: explain the dream.

missespetals: oh goodness more Bubble Bros. this is starting to freak me out

ponyboy225: what was the dream about tundry?

ponyboy225 has left the chatroom.

lordtundry8: I was in the funhouse. But this was when it was still in business, it seemed like it was a busy day since it was packed with kids and their parents. And I saw my child self right there eating at one of the booths with my parents. I looked around (I was very lucid in this dream btw) to see if I saw one of the Bubble Bros. but they were no where to be seen. I then saw 7 year old me walk up to the pinball machine which was always occupied by a little girl (I remember it was the same girl every time I went) and watched her play..... then someone tapped me on the shoulder. Not 7 year old me, the actual me who was observing the whole time. I turned around. It was Mr. Giggles. He then reached out his right hand holding that fucking red balloon and said, "Thomas, you've been a very good boy. Have a balloon, you won't regret it." Then I woke up panting and my girlfriend woke up and asked why I was so sweaty. I told her I just had a bad dream and rushed to my laptop so I can tell you guys. I'm fucking creeped out man

missespetals: that was indeed creepy wtf but it might be nothing at all, in both rogernator and ponyboys' dreams they didn't make contact with him

missespetals: ...........wait. was it the first pinball machine on the left side of the game room?

lordtundry8: yeah, why?

missespetals: ........ was it a little blonde girl with pigtails and a pink dress?

lordtundry8: ........ yes it was. Why? Please don't tell me that was you when you were little

missespetals: ......... holy fuck this isn't happening

missespetals: no but I remember every single time I was there, the same little blonde girl was there. Stuck to that fucking pinball machine. Wearing the same thing. I always thought that she just had an extreme passion for that game.

lordtundry8: wtf. okay now this is getting too weird. I always thought that she went there all the time because her parents spoiled her and she lived nearby, but I was also confused at the fact she wore the same dress every time I was there. I just figured it was her church clothes or something since I only attended on weekends

lordtundry8: we better be talking about the same girl I swear

rogernator12: wtf okay first dreams and now a little girl? This isn't funny or nostalgic anymore

missespetals: did you ever see her rogernator????

rogernator12: nah. But that may be because I didn't go often and when I did, I'd always be in the ball pit

coldballs300 joined the chatroom.

missespetals: I regret this whole Bubble Bros. conversation :(

rogernator12 left the chatroom.

lordtundry8: oddly enough, I don't. I have to admit that it is peculiarly scary, but it is also intriguing.

coldballs300: I'm gonna have to agree with tundry, there has to be a reason why you guys are having dreams and why that little girl was always at the pinball machine

lordtundry8: there has to be. I'll let you guys know when something weird happens again.

lordtundry8 left the chatroom.

missespetals: this is getting too damn creepy

coldballs300: more peculiar than creepy. Research needs to be done

coldballs300 left the chatroom.

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October 15, 2010

XiLuChineseKitchen joined the chatroom.

XiLuChineseKitchen: Stop on by Xi Lu Chinese Kitchen's grand re-opening in Miltonville! Bring your family to our authentic-style Mandarine cuisine that will leave even Grandpa full. Whoever stops by will get 3 Veggie Rolls free with every purchase!

Date: Friday, October 18, 2010 Time: 11 A.M. Location: 455 McIntyre Road (near the McDonald's and Supercuts)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact owner Xiangzhi Zhou Telephone: (875) 344-7890 Email: Twitter: @XiLuChiKitch Facebook: Xi Lu Chinese Kitchen

Thank you!

XiLuChineseKitchen has left the chatroom.

missespetals has joined the chatroom.

missespetals: GUUUUYYYSSS.

missespetals: answer me oh please anyone answer me

missespetals: pleeeeeaaassssee

ponyboy225 has joined the chatroom.

missespetals: PONY

ponyboy225: hey, what's wrong?

missespetals: omfg thank you I need someone to talk to after what just happened omg omg omg.

missespetals: why me why me dude why meeeeee?!

missespetals: I wouldn't even go that often :((((

coldballs300 has joined the chatroom.

coldballs300: calm yourself and tell us what happened petals.

missespetals: THE GIRL

missespetals: THAT DAMNED GIRL

missespetals: I'm sorry I'm just so scared rn let me collect myself fuck I've never cried this much since the last episode of Grey's Anatomy

ponyboy225: I'll wait

coldballs300: same here.

missespetals: thanks guys okay okay so I was asleep right and I was in that phase where you wake up but you're too lazy to get up so you just lie there with your eyes closed but this weird feeling or vibe that I wasn't alone in the room kept making me feel uncomfortable so I turn my head towards the room and open my eyes........ AND THE FUCKING LITTLE GIRL FROM THE PINBALL MACHINE WAS LITERALLY INCHES AWAY FROM MY FACE. STARING DIRECTLY INTO MY EYES WITH HER LITTLE GIRL GRIN.

missespetals: all she said was "BOO" but that was enough to make me scream my lungs out which woke my roommates and once they opened the door to check on me she vanished but I know it was there I know what I saw she was even wearing the same dress that stupid fucking dress

missespetals: why is this happening?! Whhhyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!

coldballs300: first time someone was contacted somewhere other than a dream, interesting.....

ponyboy225: wtttttfffffffff

missespetals: stop treating this like a damn science experiment cb this isn't a coincidence anymore this isn't a joke this is real and it's happening to the people who were having the nostalgic convo about that piece of shit place and it might happen to you next

coldballs300: sorry if I've offended you petals but since I haven't experienced anything I still have to think things in a rational manner. We need to find a cause for these experiences so we can find a solution.

coldballs300: I researched the reason why Bubble Bros. closed down but all that came up was articles on how it went out of business due to the decrease in attendance. But I remember that business was always booming even two days before the alleged closing date. I remember because that day was my seventh birthday and my parents took me there to celebrate.

coldballs300: I also visited my mom a couple days ago and asked her why that place was closed down. I've never seen my mom tense up so quick before. Her face turned pale quickly, like if that place gave her nightmares or something. She then claimed she didn't know and immediately changed the subject. I then went to ask my dad who gave me this confused scorn right after I asked. He then said it went out of business the same way all bad franchises do and tried to avoid me the rest of the day. So yeah. I'm now positive something is up.

ponyboy225: honestly I've never seen that place on a bad day, it was as if something made that place unnaturally attractive....

missespetals: great idea!!!! I'm gonna call my mother and ask her if she knows anything strange about that place

missespetals left the chatroom.

ponyboy225: I would ask my dad but he's been in a mental institution in North Dakota ever since my mom was murdered and my little brother went missing. So much for tying to gain clues on my part.

lordtundry8 joined the chatroom.

coldballs300: I'm so sorry to hear that.

ponyboy225: no worries. I went to Yale and mastered in neuroscience as a way to "avenge" the destruction of my family. I moved to San Francisco to get away from all the bad memories of Miltonville and it's safe to say that I'm doing quite well.

coldballs300: I'm very glad to hear that. Not surprised there are much scholars from Minnesota, I'm a Dartmouth boy myself. lol.

ponyboy225: two Ivy League men still have trouble fathoming the current occurrences which are happening, there has to be a reason why this is going on

lordtundry8: chills went down my spine reading petal's encounter, what the hell dude and why is it happening now wtf

lordtundry8: my condolences to your family pony. At least you're doing more than alright

ponyboy225: thanks tundry. And either we're all going crazy or something's up with these two fucking clowns. I'm starting to think that we're having these dreams for a reason. Idk what the reason is, but there is one.

coldballs300: we have to do more digging. I'll let you guys know if something else comes up.

coldballs300 left the chatroom.

lordtundry8: I still can't believe what just happened to petals. I would've crapped my pants if that happened to me lol

missespetals joined the chatroom.

lordtundry8: petals!! How you holding up?

missespetals: I've done better tundry I'm going to be honest. Something weird just happened again.

ponyboy225: did she appear again?

lordtundry8: D;

missespetals: nah, this involves the call I just gave to my mother

ponyboy225: well spill!

missespetals: okay so I called my mom right, and I told her, "hey mom remember that clown themed restaurant we used to go to whenever I would beg you to take me?' After I said that the stillness in the air in both our atmospheres suddenly got tense, like I couldn't see it but I knew right away her facial expression changed in an instant

missespetals: she then told me "uhhh yeah, why do you ask?" In the most dreadful tone and I replied, "how come it went out business?"

missespetals: she then replied "so you know now......"

missespetals: I was confused at her reply so I said, "know what?" She then told me never mind and tried changing the subject right away but I kept asking her and asking her

missespetals: she then replied, "nothing Samantha. Never mention that place to me again. Understood?"........ she never talks to me like that, never. I just listened to her and ended the most awkward conversation I've had with my mother. There's something more to that Funhouse. I want to know what it is.

lordtundry8: our parents know something.

ponyboy225: this is getting weirder and weirder by the minute. I also want to know what is up with that place. There has to be a connection between us as well. This is going to drive me mad

lordtundry8: we'll talk later guys, I've got to spend the day with my girlfriend....... we're going shopping :( stay safe.

lordtundry8 left the chatroom.

missespetals: I have to open up shop too. Hopefully my day doesn't have any more run-ins. Ttyl

missespetals left the chatroom.

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October 18, 2010

energyamethyst joined the chatroom.

energyamethyst: Garage Sale @ 1017 Lovecraft Lane, for all you energy enthusiasts there will be a wide selection of gems and crystals which give off the most positive of vibrations. Feel your aura lift up just as you walk up the driveway! We're also going to raffle a collection of our finest incense, which will fill any home with a relaxing aroma to calm the soul. C'mon by!

xoxococo67: how much are the tickets?

energyamethyst: just $1!

xoxococo67: ooooohhhh I'll stop by, my house is in need for some incense!

energyamethyst: that's the spirit! We'll be here tending to your every need.

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rogernator12 joined the chatroom.

rogernator12: guys. This shit is going too fucking far. Respond please.

missespetals joined the chatroom.

missespetals: damn it :( And when I thought everything was going back to normal

coldballs300 joined the chatroom.

lordtundry8 joined the chatroom.

coldballs300: what's up man?

rogernator12: I never mentioned this to you guys, but I have a twin sister named Erica. She called me not too long ago to ask me a question...... why her not my fucking sister what's wrong with this world

lordtundry8: what'd she ask you?????

rogernator12: .............."hey Roger, do you remember that Funhouse we used to go to when we were kids with the two clowns?"

coldballs300: another encounter? That makes five. Possibly even more.

rogernator12: my heart immediately sank once she told me that. I told her why she asked...... She told me she was in her kitchen making breakfast when her 3 year old son walked up to her. Holding a red balloon. He told her, "mommy look what the rainbow man gave me", and she immediately called the police reporting a break in. The cops didn't find any sign of forced entry. My sister told me she has all the doors locked while her husband is at work. Thinking the assailant entered the house from my nephew's room, Erica went to check it out. She didn't find anyone in the room but she found something that was just as bad. Her son hung it up on the wall next to his other art pieces. The men were colored in with every color he had at his disposal. He was in the middle, holding both of their hands. The drawing also had the words "happy happy" scribbled on the top in red crayon. She then remembered two characters from her childhood that resembled the men in the drawing. That's when she called me.

coldballs300: there are chills running through every part of my body. That is absolutely terrifying.

lordtundry8: .......tell her to leave the house. Who knows if someone is still there

missespetals: oh my god. She can't be dealing with that alone tell her to join the chatroom so we can talk about it and make her feel better

ponyboy225 joined the chatroom.

rogernator12: I already told her, she's currently at her friend's house while her husband gets home from work and okay let me tell her to join.

ponyboy225: stop right there roger. Do not let her enter this chatroom.

missespetals: ????? She needs someone to talk to

ponyboy225: I know she does, that's why we are going to join a private chatroom on a more secure server. I received a rather unusual email.

coldballs300: elaborate

lordtundry8: ................was it from ""?

ponyboy225: nope. "". What did yours say?

lordtundry8: "Thomas, we can't wait until we have fun together again like the good ol' days! We'll be expecting you.

-Mr. Chuckles"

ponyboy225: shit. "Nicholas, oh nicholas. Why did you have to move so far away from us? No worries, we will be having fun together soon.

-Mr. Giggles"

I figured someone reading our convos was trying to fuck with us. But I never used my real name on here.

missespetals: I'm not even going to dare check my email

lordtundry8: same. Either we're being stalked by psychos or, as crazy and out of reach this sounds, it is actually the fucking clowns.

ponyboy225: made the chatroom. I'm going to send you guys the link, Roger tell your sister to join this one since it's secure

rogernator12: will do.

rogernator12 left the chatroom.

missespetals: it better be secure :(

missespetals left the chatroom.

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BBHHFH Chatroom (Private Server)

Created by Nick ( 5 minutes ago.

Tom ( joined the group.

Randy ( joined the group.

Samantha ( joined the group.

Tom: I hate to admit it, but I'm scared man. Btw nothing has happened to you yet huh coldballs?

Randy: nope. But I've been getting eerie feelings lately. Like I'm being watched. Especially when I'm trying to research the Funhouse or the Bubble Bros. Can't seem to find anything on them though. It's irritating. How about you petals?

Samantha: same here. I've been calling my mom to see if I can get more clues out of her but she doesn't answer

Samantha: I feel like she's doing it on purpose.....

Roger ( joined the group.

Erica ( joined the group.

Roger: sis, meet the gang. We've all had similar run-ins with the bubble freaks recently. You can feel free to talk about anything without sounding crazy

Samantha: omg Erica how are you I heard what happened I'm so glad nothing happened to your son.

Randy: same here. Glad you're alright

Nick: are we missing anyone?

Randy: I don't think so Nick, this is about it.

Erica: nice to meet you all. And Samantha thank you. What happened this morning is beyond explanation I'm literally still trying to make sense of it, but Roger told me this has been happening recently to other people, not just me

Erica: oh Roger btw I also tried to call Mom and Dad to ask them questions about the clowns, Mom hesitated at first, then said they ran out of business because they didn't run it legitimately.

Roger: she's lying. Our parents are hiding something. All of our parents.

Samantha: same thing happened to me when I tried asking my mom

Randy: they know something. I'm going to the library to try to see if I can find an old issue of the Miltonville Informer for clues.

Randy went idle.

Nick: I'm going to head off as well. The various events made me realize that this isn't someone messing around with us. I decided to visit my father in North Dakota. But I'll be on the chat. So stay updated and update it whenever something else happens.

Nick is now idle.

Samantha: hey Erica you sure you're okay though? I know exactly the feeling that you got this morning

Erica: I'll be alright Samantha, don't worry and Roger come over to Patty's house, I don't want to go home alone and Trevor said he's going to work extra hours

Roger: I'll be right there

Roger is now idle.

Erica is now idle.

Samantha is now idle.


Randy is now online.

Randy: fuck.

Randy: guys?

Randy: It's happened

Tom is now online.

Tom: what happened?

Randy: my encounter. Just happened.

Tom: !!!!!!!! Tell me everything, there might be a clue in there somewhere

Randy: I was watching television with my family, it was a nice day..... I got up to get a beer and when I came back the movie we were watching went to a commercial break.

Randy: it was the commercial.

Tom: the bubble bros. one?

Randy: yep. But there's more. It played just like it's supposed to be, until the end. Giggles said the usual creepy "you won't regret it" straight into the camera and usually that would be the end of the commercial

Randy: but it kept on fucking going. Chuckles then gave off the widest smile imaginable and said, "I'm sure you won't, Randall" and gave the most sinister chuckle I have ever heard. I dropped my beer onto the floor in awe and my wife and kids asked what was wrong. They didn't see the commercial I saw. I was the only one that saw it. I must be going crazy.

Randy: I'm tired of this. I'm gonna beat information out of my dad if it's the last thing I do.

Randy is now idle.

Tom: don't go all aggressive go and ask politely once more and they might tell you the truth...

Tom is now idle.


Nick is now online.

Nick: update: just got to North Dakota, checking into my hotel and will visit the Marysville Grove Psychiatric Institution tomorrow. Wish me luck guys, I haven't talked to the man in 16 years. Hopefully he remembers me.

Nick is now idle.

Samantha is now online.

Tom is now online.

Samantha: good luck ponyboy! I'm sure he will.

Tom: good luck pony. Be sure to ask him questions about you know what.

Randy is now online.

Randy: guys don't go yet. I have news.

Tom: what is it?

Randy: I got answers.

Samantha: answers?

Randy: answers. About everything. I wish I didn't get them though, but I got them.

Tom: so your parents ended up telling you?

Randy: yeah, but I now see why they kept this from us for so long.

Tom: well tell us!

Samantha: yeah I've been dying to find out the truth of that God forsaken place...

Randy: I would rather wait until everyone is online. Can someone contact Roger or Erica?

Samantha: I will, Erica gave me her cell number so we can talk privately, let me call her

Randy: okay then.

Tom: it's really that bad then huh?

Randy: tundry, it's way more than bad.

Samantha: hey Erica said she's going to call Roger and they'll be online soon

Randy: okay then, but ponyboy is going to have to read the messages later since he has important business to take care of

Erica is now online.

Erica: more bad news? :(

Erica: btw where's Roger

Samantha: not logged on yet

Erica: dumbass I just told him to a minute ago

Randy: I'll commence with the information I've received once he logs on.

Tom: c'mon Roger lol

Roger is now online.

Erica: finally

Tom: okay let's get it Randy lay it on us

Roger: don't call me dumbass, dumbass

Erica: lol

Randy: share your laughs right now, because what I'm about to tell you will deny you any joy for quite a while.....

Erica: tell us

Samantha: yeah spit it out already

Randy: alright well you know how I said I was gonna force some answers from my parents?

Samantha: yeah

Tom: yes?

Roger: what'd they tell you?

Randy: well this is going to take a while to type so just bare with me....

Roger: take as much time as you need

Randy: alright so I headed over to my parent's house infuriated and scared for my family (all you obviously know why) and it showed on my facial expression, so by the time I knocked and my mother opened the door, she knew something was up. I told her I needed answers, she replied with, "for what", but she knew deep down what I was referring to. I replied with, "you know what. The clowns." My mom started tearing up. I was dumbfounded and a response slipped my tongue but before I could say anything, she told me, "I'll explain everything" and let me inside. She explained everything about the restaurant and the Masterson brothers. I'm going to explain to you guys by quoting our conversation word-for-word so that I don't miss any details.

Roger: Masterson..... hmm

Samantha: I have a bad feeling about this

Tom: never heard or known about anyone with that last name in Miltonville, let's see what Randy's mom has to say

Roger: hey sis you still there?

Erica: of course I'm not going to miss this

Roger: just making sure

Samantha: Randy sure is taking a while huh

Erica: that's what I was thinking

Tom: let him take his time, I want to know literally everything

Randy: "I know we shouldn't have kept this from you Randall, but you were too young to be aware of the horrors those clowns and that funhouse have caused this community. Mr. Giggles and Mr. Chuckles.... god I wish I never heard those names again.

"Were they really that bad?"

"More than bad..... Okay, well I'll just get started.. their real names are actually Horace and Nathaniel Masterson, and they are the most vile human beings that have ever set foot in this city. Before they opened up the restaurant in 1986, the town was one of the most peaceful in the state. Then the Mastersons and the funhouse appeared out of nowhere, and it went downhill from there.....

"What do you mean, downhill?"

"Well you see, right after the Bubble Brothers came into Miltonville and opened business, the city's children started disappearing. The first child to ever disappear was Georgie Rulloxy, who just turned five and celebrated it at none other than the newly opened "happy happy funhouse". No one noticed the connection. Well, who would? Their establishment was a restaurant with a playplace, they were the least suspected at the time. Then little Tracey Harris, she was 7 when she disappeared, her mother left her from her sight for no more than ten seconds and never saw her again. After five children went missing, the MPD brought in a detective..... I'm trying to think of his name... ahh yes! Detective John Cranston, from New York who was actually quite famous at the time, yet the Mastersons still managed to steer clear from any possible suspicion. In a span of five years, the Mastersons managed to kidnap twenty-seven children... twenty-seven Randall! Imagine the suffering each mother had to go through! Some of them didn't even get to suffer, an eight-month old baby named Jonathan Krazcinski went missing the same day her mother was murdered. Anyways, it wasn't until a certain 911 call from a six-year old named Phoebe Baxter moments before she was kidnapped that helped Cranston and the MPD point the spotlight at the Funhouse and the Masterson brothers. Once they were in the area of suspicion, Cranston began to notice that every single child that was taken has visited the place as long as a month before their disappearance. After interrogating the missing childrens' parents, he came to the conclusion that there was definitely something going on with the owners of that restaurant.... and remember that me and your father were totally unaware of this at the time. Umm where was I? Oh yes, well Cranston went undercover as a parent into the Funhouse to check the place out himself, and noticed how the clowns were unusually friendly with the kids, like pedophile status friendly. He went a day later while the clowns were about to close and asked them if he can ask them a few questions relating to nature the Miltonville disappearances. They acted and responded normally during the interrogation, but when Cranston asked if he can take a look around the facility, the brothers started acting totally different and uncooperative, they demanded a search warrant. Cranston got the warrant, but by the time he and the MPD raided the place, the Mastersons were never seen again. They most likely left the state right after their first encounter with Detective Cranston.... but this is the part that is etched into the mind of every parent from Miltonville at the time. After extensively searching the whole Funhouse, a deputy who got bored with finding no results began playing a pinball machine on the far side of the arcade room... it had a lever which he thought was for the game but ended up being something else. I guess it opened a passageway to a hidden basement. Sweet Jesus and his disciples what was down there should've stayed down there for no one to have knowledge of it.

"The fucking pinball machine. Huh. Okay go on."

What they found was horrifying beyond belief and struck despair into every parent in the city. The corpses of all twenty-seven children in the basement were there, along with various texts of so called "dark arts". Ahh wait, there were only 26 corpses, the remains of a five-year old girl named Tammy Dixon were never found. There was way more than that though. But Cranston did not want to tell us.......

"What the fuck. Wait, how come a find this big not make it out in the papers or news or anything?"

"I'll get to that part in a bit... Anyways, you could tell that what he saw down there changed him forever by the look he had when he notified the parent community of Miltonville. Although he had a separate meeting with the parents of the missing children, and there was rumors that Cranston told them everything in detail and if the parents were able to handle it, even showed them pictures that were taken of the basement. There were rumors that the Mastersons were actually leaders of some cult which worshipped gods that I haven't even heard of, and the children were used for some sort of ritual. I also overheard rumors that there were followers of this so called cult living right here in Miltonville as well. I actually never actually got that confirmed though. The parents were ordered not to speak about this to anyone outside of the town or to the town's children in order to avoid panic, and a silent manhunt for the Mastersons was issued and lasted months before it was canceled after it failed. All the photos of the basement were stored in the MPD evidence archives, the Funhouse was abandoned, and the Masterson brothers remained at large. The Miltonville Gazette was ordered not to publish this, the incident was never to reach anyone but most of the adults in the city. Miltonville mourned silently after this atrocious event.

"I see.... god damn I had no idea."

"That's because we couldn't tell you Randall. Now where was I... oh yes, Cranston retired after the case, I have no idea what he's doing now. But the parents of the dead children, they were affected the most. God those poor mothers and fathers. The parents of a three-year old boy ended up hanging themselves after finding out what happened to their son.... whatever they saw in those pictures altered their being forever, their souls never resting and constantly finding solace after the malicious outcome of their offspring. I can still remember how happy you looked at the Funhouse during your seventh birthday in 1990... if only I knew that the Mastersons were satanic lunatics who've already captured 22 children and had their remains right under their next victim's noses.... I'm so sorry Randy."

After that my mother burst into tears. It took me everything I had to keep myself from crying, I had to try to make my mom feel better.

Erica: he's probably typing a chapter book

Randy: by the way sorry for the wait guys.... I just had to elaborate to the best of my ability and memory.

Erica: ........ oh my god.

Samantha: those poor children. Those fucking brothers are sick.

Erica: I need time to process this. I'm gonna go be with my child. I'll talk to you guys later.

Roger: .........

Roger: don't let my nephew out of your sight sis.

Tom: I can't believe it. 27 little boys and girls. Sacrificed for some freaks' twisted superstitions. I just can't

Tom: I remember now, I would always pass by the station when I was a boy on the way to the mini-mart and see all the missing posters, and one day they all suddenly disappeared.

Erica: I won't roger. I'll call you later, and I'll log on when I don't feel so terrible

Erica is now idle.

Randy: I also hope with all my being that the mother who was murdered and baby who was abducted and killed wasn't pony's family. Pony, when you read this, don't reply. If it is your family, you will have closure but you will still need time to take all of this in. The tribulations you've endured ensures me that you can take immensely despondent information and handle it like a man. Again, if that was your family, I am so sorry. Now, I'm going to go be with my daughters. I'll come back online once I see that everyone had taken the adequate amount of time to process this. See you guys.

Randy is now idle.

Roger: I don't need time to process this. This means that they're back either to kill us or to do something else to us. We need to do something before they strike first. And I just made the connection, pony if that was your little brother and mother then I give you my sincere condolences. They will be avenged.

Tom: same here. But we need to think of something together, I'll wait until everyone is ready.

Tom is now idle.

Roger: how about you petals?

Samantha: I need a couple days.

Samantha is now idle.

Roger: wait so that means they're back, right?

Roger: and I want to take a look at those pictures myself

Roger: aww shit

Roger is now idle.


Nick is now online.

Nick is now idle.


Samantha is now online.

Samantha: so what now?

Tom is now online.

Tom: what do you mean?

Samantha: with everything

Nick is now online.

Samantha: pony!!!! May I ask if that was your mom and brother if it's not a bother?

Nick: that was my mother and brother. My full name is Nicholas Kraczinski. And it's no bother, after all these years I have closure. But with closure, I have responsibilities I must attend to. I'm going to the funhouse. I'm going to kill those motherfuckers myself if it's the last thing I do.

Tom: my condolences. But even though you have someone to avenge, you can't just waltz in their, how are we even sure they're there? And if they are, going alone would be suicide. I'm going with you.

Samantha: I'm so sorry to hear that. But same here. We all have a reason to see an end to these fucks. And since they're still alive that means my dad's Beretta can do damage

Nick: fine. But petals remember that they've appeared in our dreams, got into Erica's house without actually getting in and showed up on Randy's TV? As much as my scientific reasoning hates to say this, I don't even know if they're human.

Roger is now online.

Roger: hey guess what

Tom: what?

Roger: okay so another thing I didn't mention to you guys is that I have a friend in the MPD, and like the slick guy I am, convinced this friend to get me the evidence photos of the basement of the funhouse

Samantha: well show us!!!

Roger: that's what I was getting to, he handed them to me but told me that most of them are gone...

Nick: gone?

Roger: yeah, the file says there were 47 photos, but there was only 2.

Tom: wtf?

Nick: well what do they show?

Roger: it's just pictures of a big black book with some symbols I've never seen before

Roger: and in the back of the photo it says, "The Lel-Kwavzza Grimoire, 1991" whatever that is

Nick: ...... I didn't tell you guys what happened when I visited my father, did I?

Samantha: spill!

Nick: well nothing really interesting happened, he was actually happy to see me though, which made the trip to North Dakota worth it. But for most of our conversation, he kept repeating, "They did it for Lel-Kwavzza". I didn't know what he meant, I thought he was just off his meds.... it seems there is more to it than I speculated

Randy is now online.

Samantha: I'm going to ask Erica to see if she wants to come, you should tell her too Roger, since she is part of the gang

Randy: all the more reason to check the basement, I'm going with.

Nick: so everyone is going?

Roger: seems like it.

Nick: fine. We will make plans later.

Nick is now idle.

Roger is now idle.

Samantha is now idle.

Randy is now idle.

Tom is now idle.

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