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George was walking back home from school. It was late, he had just finished his after-school football session, and was sitting at the bus stop, about to catch his bus ride home, when he noticed something in the corner of his eye.

To his left was a page from his local newspaper which had been ripped out with acute precision. He picked it up, and curiously read the headline: “Young boy tragically killed by speeding bus.”

Tragic, he thought. He checked his watch, and the time was 6:43PM - about 2 minutes until the Arriva 502 got here. With a little morbid curiosity, he decided to skim-read the article.

“Yesterday evening, a 14-year-old student at St. Martin’s Secondary School, in Guildford, Surrey was tragically run over by a speeding bus, which was said to have been driving 3 times the legal speed limit.”

George was intrigued. St. Martin’s School? Guildford!? That was his school! Impossible–this happened last night? How did he not hear about it? Surely it would have been the talk of the whole school by the following day?

“Police have arrested the driver, who they currently have in for questioning, and their investigation of the incident is still underway. According to their report, the bus cut sharply into the school’s driveway at approximately 6:45PM and crashed straight into the bus shelter, killing 14-year-old George Dunham, and ploughed into the garden of a nearby-


“14-year-old George Dunham?”

That was his name!

There was no other George Dunham at his school. And according to this article, he had died yesterday evening, at 6:45PM, when walking home from school. So this happened exactly one whole day ago? Ridiculous. Maybe one of his friends had deliberately left this behind at the bus stop as a practical joke, knowing he would read it? He chuckled at this thought, as he heard the distant hum of the bus about to take him home.

Then curiously, George looked across the article, and he noticed something else:

The date printed for the article was December 3rd, 2017.

Hold on… he mused. Something’s not right. Today’s date is December 2nd. This newspaper is dated from tomorrow. Is that just a printing error?

Or what if-

...At that point, George was too overwhelmed by the suddenness of the bright lights and the blaring horn of the bus hurtling towards him to get out of the way and save himself…