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On my dresser are a few books, mostly related to physics and thermodynamics. To the left of them lies a Styrofoam head. I originally found the head in an abandoned warehouse a few years ago. The head had strange symbols carved into it, presumably for ritualistic purposes. The head had always creeped me out, sometimes so much that I would cover it up with clothes before going to bed. Just looking at the thing was enough to send a chill down my spine. It wasn't until one night when things got real.

I was in my bedroom. A cold gust of wind could be felt from the open window. I shut the window and lock it, then tighten the blinds. Looking towards the head on the dresser. There that strange feeling was again. I felt as if the head was alive, but it just couldn't move—paralyzed. I could tell it wanted to do something, and it seemed... angry. I turn away from it and close my eyes, It's just... a head, I tell myself. I open my eyes and walk over to the light switch in the corner of the room, avoiding any eye contact with the head. I flip the switch. The room instantly went pitch-black, except for the barely-visible blue light that comes from the window during the night. The room felt... weird. It's very hard to describe, but it had a slightly peaceful and menacing feel to it. A slight chill made its way down my back. I get into bed for the night as usual. I found it very hard to go to sleep unlike usual, as the feeling I kept getting just felt too strong and too.. ominous. But after a while, I eventually drifted off.

After a few hours or so, I wake up in the middle of the night, jolting up out of bed. I look in the direction of the head. Nothing seemed of the ordinary. I look towards the window, only to see that the color of the sky had changed. The sky went from dark blue to blood red. I get up out of bed to turn on the light. I flipped the switch, but the bulb didn't come on. Was there no power? I thought. I look back towards the window. The red sky seemed unreal, and the house that used to sit outside of the window was no longer there anymore. The bedroom door suddenly slammed open by itself, and I felt as if there was some kind of dark entity that had just entered the room. A cold blast of air made its way through the door.

The continuous sound of the wind could be heard from outside the window. Then out of nowhere, the Styrofoam head on the dresser starts to violently rock back and forth. I back up, bumping into the wall behind me. The head continues to shake for a few seconds, only to then come to a screeching halt. The head starts to slowly turn to face me. Its face went from a crooked smile to an evil grin. It then opened its mouth, exposing thousands of rows of needle-like teeth. I stood there frozen in place, not knowing what would happen next. After a few seconds, the head let out a blood-curdling scream and lounged off of the dresser onto my shoulder. Its sharp teeth stabbed into me. The head starts to violently shake, tearing its way through my body with its teeth. My vision starts to blur, as pieces of flesh and blood fly across the room. Moments later the remains of my body collapse onto the floor below. Only to find myself still laying in my bed.

I sit up, the room no longer dark. I look towards the window and sure enough, it was morning now. Was it all just a dream? I then decided to gather up my courage to look towards the dresser. The head wasn't there. I felt my heart drop, and I felt like vomiting at any second. Until I looked to my left, only to see the head, staring directly at me, with the same evil grin.