You know the heroes of video games, books, and movies? The ones whom everyone looks up to? The ones who perform great deeds of valor? You may want to emulate them – to imitate their actions in every way.

Don't do that.

Take any hero from any story – Gordon Freeman, The Dragonborn, F'lar, your favourite protagonist, any hero – all of their actions have been totally guided by the writer. Even in video games, every single action has either been accounted for, or never added to the game, the player can only choose options that are already pre-determined. The side characters, although being fairly shallow, have little to no destiny, the player or reader has more freedom on what to think of that character's past and future, if the side characters were sentient, could control their own destiny, while the main character has no choice in the matter. The main character can perform his or her destiny, and nothing else. (Even sidequests are just part of his/her destiny – they've already been accounted for and the options are still restricted.) Now, imagine if life were set up like that, like a book or a video game. Think of the life of the main character.

You don't want to be the chosen one.

Written by AlixeTiir
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