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They see us. They always see us. Since before our existence, before the origin of everything, they have been there. They are an impossible entity, something that should not exist. Its mind has not been created, and it will never be destroyed. Its sole purpose is to eliminate. It deletes paradoxes and errors of the space and time. It is a perfect mind that erases everyday things in the timeline. It can be called The Conglomerate. The only way to invoke it is a forbidden chant that lurks at the back of your mind.

I tried to hide. My body started to become blurry, blinking and flickering like a flame that was slowly starting to burn out. According to the arcane texts, I had become a paradox. I ran, but I knew it was inevitable. I saw his physical form. A kilometric, colossal beast. His head reached heaven. The form was grayish, with strange blue wings and thousands of tentacles. The folds of his mouth separated. It was emanating a blue glow. The tentacles ensnared me and I was introduced into his stomach. A blue light completely blinded me, making me vanish. Now, I am in the biomass matrix. Floating in the void that The Conglomerate placed me in, wishing for only one thing.

I want to return.